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  • 4/5 Sted
  • 4/5 Sovekvalitet
  • 4/5 Rom
  • 4,5/5 Service
  • 4/5 Verdi
  • 4,5/5 Renslighet

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av kjetilhugo Alta, Norge

Konseptet all-inclusive...

I den grad du liker støy, køer, overfylte restauranter og bassemgområder, gratis mat, øl og sprit, så er dette sikkert et bra alternativ. Blue Lagoon Resort unngår 1-eren fordi de hadde et bra personell og logistikk, men dette konseptet var ingenting for oss. Vi bytta bosted noen dager før avreise for å kunne slappe av og oppleve gresk atmosfære. Oppholdet bar preg av å leve i ei boble i ingenmannsland. God mat, som også gir ei ekstra stjerne - det skal de ha, men allikevel ikke autentisk gresk.


av R9164XCtraceym

Amazing hotel with fantastic facilities & staff

The most beautiful resort, Everything about the Blue Lagoon is fantastic from the food & restaurants, staff to the golf biggies that taxi you all over the resort. As expected it is immaculately clean throughout. The staff are amazing & we must give a special mention to the general manager Mr Stafano who was such fun & helpful to all the guests. We will return to this beautiful resort again soon


av JenJen17 Orpington, Storbritannia

Holiday ruined by drunk idiots attending a financial conference felt like an 18-30’s holiday!!!

We travelled here in October half term to stay here for our 2 week family holiday with our 7 year old son and 12 year old daughter. We had a nice first week, our room was very basic and perhaps in need of a refurb as it is a bit dated, the shower was not very powerful and lots of beetles were getting in from under the plinth of the wardrobe. The food in our opinion was not great, very repetitive, my kids ate pizza & chips the whole time we were there. Some of the dishes at lunch were then repeated at dinner so felt very samey which was a real shame. On the afternoon of Saturday 22nd Oct my husband thought it had got a lot busier and assumed there was a wedding happening that weekend. It was in fact a polish financial conference for 700/800 adults. This would not have really been a problem had the hotel thought about this properly and organised an area for them totally separate from us guests. The hotel was big enough after all! But no…!! They all arrived coach after coach after coach load, reception at one point was a no go area it was HEAVING, they got straight on the booze and sat by the family pool area, by the evening they were stumbling around very drunk, blocking pathways in big groups, making excessive noise and acting like complete fools, making us feel really uncomfortable! At dinner they were pushing their way through guests and children serving food onto plates at the buffet. Some of them came bursting into the kids entertainment tent shouting and acting like drunk teenagers, standing right at the front of the stage where the kids would sit and started dancing rather badly! Towards the end of the show one man got onto the stage, dancing and drawing attention to himself and acting like a complete imbecile!! We got up and left. It felt like we had booked an 18-30’s holiday in Faliraki! We honestly could not believe it! These people were totally ruining our holiday, absolutely zero respect for anyone else there, they had arrived and completely taken over the whole hotel treating it like it was theirs. We also found out they were due to stay for 4 DAYS!!!!!!! The football pitch, volley ball, basket ball court and mini golf were all closed off for their use WHAT????!!! Why do they get priority over us?! The noise continued through the night with most of them having parties in their rooms and on their balconies til gone 4am. We thought this was totally unacceptable and we were so fed up by this point we woke up early to go and talk to the TUI rep. We spoke to several other angry families in the morning gathered in reception also waiting for the rep, we heard all kinds of dreadful things from their experience of the evening/night with excessive noise, to banging on hotel room doors, couples having sex around the pool area in full view of families at the bar!!!!!!! People were being disrespectful to bar staff and reaching over the bar taking bottles of drink when they were told they were not allowed anymore drink. The mess around the pool area that morning was disgusting, food, drink cups, cigarette butts everywhere. We spoke to the rep and demanded to be moved to another hotel as if they could behave in that way from just a few hours drinking how much worse would they be after a whole day of drinking!! The rep was taking details from everyone and said she would try and get the problem solved and she would have to have a meeting with the managers. We gave her a deadline of 2 hours and wanted to have an update by midday. We were told a couple of hours later we could be moved and it would happen that afternoon so we went back to the room to pack. We were picked up at 2.30pm and taken to Blue Lagoon Village. I really cannot understand why the hotel management thought having this conference at the hotel at the same time as having many families staying there with young children would be a good idea?! Most of us save very hard to be able to go away once a year and we really look forward to that time with our family for it to be totally spoilt by grown adults who are meant to be there representing their company ‘Phinance’ what an absolute shambles!!! I can only imagine the reason behind this is £££€€€ what a disgusting way to treat your guests and for this reason I am leaving this terrible review and we will not be returning and will not be recommending this hotel. Hotel management- disgusting for arranging this and allowing it to happen and for the staff attending this so called conference more like a party!! You should all be ashamed of yourselves!!!!


av szoko96


Great hotel, friendly staff very helpful, beautiful beach with reefs, more good food. I heartily recommend it. We will back there in future. Interesting trips, you can meet great friends. Very professional care of a friendly doctor.


av K3987HFkatherinef

Great family holiday

We've just returned after a great week. Delicious food in the main restaurants and so much to do. A particular highlight for us was the entertainment. Aida Martinez Pastor, Roisin Holland and the rest of the animation team were an amazingly talented bunch who put on different themed shows every night. Always smiling and happy to help they ran the kids club during the day which our children loved going to. They were absolutely lovely with the children, playful, fun and full of energy entertaining us day and night when they must have been at times exhausted. Super grateful for everything you did for us and your always cheerful sunny demeanour. A great week for both adults and kiddies.