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  • 4,5/5 Sted
  • 3/5 Sovekvalitet
  • 5/5 Rom
  • 4/5 Service
  • 4/5 Verdi
  • 5/5 Renslighet

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av Nomad539844

Superb hotel, excellent, friendly staff!

Fantastic hotel! The staff are just brilliant, so full of energy, happy to help you and make you feel incredibly welcome. The hotel is beautifully designed, such a breath of fresh air from your usual standard soulless, clinical hotels. Zel feels like a place you want to hang out. Amazing location looking out to the sea. The spa was an extremely nice addition! Felicity & Pär


av kiarajade19 Staffordshire, Storbritannia

Book this hotel!

I had the loveliest stay at Zel the past week . I only just come back and I have told about 100 people how amazing it was! The staff are so lovely and are very helpful with you, the exterior and interior of the hotel is stunning , the outdoor restaurant is absolutely stunning , I came here on my own and it was perfect. It is in a hotspot so there is stuff near by and the beach is beautiful too, so is the pool . My room was spacious and very very clean, the cleaners would come in my room once a day and it was spotless. I would most definitely recommend this stay to anyone, one of the nicest hotels I have been after travelling to around 60 different parts of the world. Thankyou Zel Mallorca for an amazing experience and I hope to see you again soon x


av Mary H Gisburn, England, United Kingdom

Fabulous hotel

Fabulous hotel, great location, lovely breakfast. But THE MUSIC. Listen to me . Who is choosing the music. Zel or Beso. Surely can't possibly be Beso. If it's Zel then you are cutting out a huge percentage of guests who would possibly have dinner at the hotel - namely anyone who loves good music or anyone who is totally irritated by the moronic music which plays on a loop for hours on end. I can't believe that any hotel would get so many things right but such an important element totally wrong. We are on our 5th night of eight at Zel and haven't had dinner once. Such a shame as the place is wonderful.


av lindsayrobing San Ramon, California

Amazing hotel! Would stay here again every single time!

This hotel was AMAZING! From the staff, to the food, the views, and the vibes, this hotel was 5/5 stars. Every single staff we spoke to was kind and helpful. We were always greeted with a warm welcome whenever we walked through the doors. This hotel was right on the beach providing great access to the sand & water and so many restaurants. It was so nice to walk out of our hotel room and have multiple options for food and drinks. The poolside chairs were comfortable, the drinks were great, and their in-house DJ played fun music! The rooms were nicely done, clean, cool, plus it was so relaxing to hang out on our patio every night. I would definitely recommend this hotel to a couple or friends.


av mmpacheco90 New York City, New York

Enjoyed our stay!

The hotel itself is stunning. It smells like a spa the second you step in. The pool, restaurant, and bar are really top notch! The rooms were spacious (we booked the Zel Premier Room w/ Mediterranean View) and having a view of the ocean in Oct meant we had a gorgeous sunrise every morning. The breakfast buffet options were great and it was really nice to have that included in our pricing. Additionally, on our last day we had check out at 12 but we had a boat tour from 10-2pm. They were so kind to hold our luggage, let us come back and park there for a few hours, use the pool, get food, and shower in the pool area before heading to the airport. It made our exit so much easier and more enjoyable and it was such a nice thing to allow! The parking is $20 a day and in a small lot (tight spots!) next to the hotel. A few areas of improvement: - They possibly need more staff at the breakfast buffet? It's open 8-11 but if you go after 9:30 or so, lots of food is out, the milks for coffee may be out, and it just seems like they're scrambling a bit. They also don't advertise very well but if you are over by the cheese section, you can ask the chef behind the glass to make you an omelette or scramble (which is lovely! just hard to know unless you see someone else do it). - The hours of operation for the outdoor bar were confusing. Online it showed the bar was open until 12am, but when we went to get a drink at 7:45pm they said they close at 8pm and we couldn't order. When I asked another employee about the hours, I could tell she wasn't sure and mentioned they had just changed the hours. No fault of hers! I just could tell perhaps the communication to the staff was lacking. - Pool closes at 7pm which I thought was a bit early? But that might be personal opinion! Overall, it was a lovely stay, and I'd stay again. Given it's a brand new hotel, I think naturally they have some items to work out as they get their footing. Every employee was incredibly kind and that goes a long way!