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  • 4,5/5 Sted
  • 4,5/5 Sovekvalitet
  • 5/5 Rom
  • 4,5/5 Service
  • 4,5/5 Verdi
  • 5/5 Renslighet

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av 683catok Moss, Norge


Flott hotell med god service. Fantastisk mat, frokost og middag, stort utvalg og god kvalitet. Rommene er supre, gode senger og fine terrasser. Alltid smilende og hilsende merarbeidere på hotellet. Gjør alt for at du skal trives. Rent og flott!!!


av Bittelilleville


Vi er på familieferie, 3 generasjoner. Og dette hotellet er ypperlig for alle sammen. Fantatisk service og ansatte som gjør ALT for at vi skal ha det bra. Flotte og veldig rene rom, og maten til nå har vært aldeles nydelig. Rolig og pent hotellområde. Vil du ha shopping, action og underholdning har du det rett utenfor i hovedgaten. Men uten at du hører noe støy. Anbefales på det sterkeste 😃🌴☀️


av 19Amy90

Child friendly but poor food

I read the reviews on here before booking the hotel. I'm honestly surprised at the difference between some of the things I read and our experience. The main reason we booked this hotel was because it looked great for our 17 month old and thankfully it was but we were disappointed with some things. We were all inclusive. Here's what we thought of everything... Hotel - The hotel in general was great and very clean. We emailed after booking and asked for a ground floor room. We got this as well as a travel cot which we had requested. The room is a generous size and the bed is super comfortable and huge! The bathroom is a wetroom with a rainfall shower and the water pressure is lovely. Large bottles of body wash, shampoo and conditioner are supplied, as well as a good hair dryer. There is a mini fridge in the room, which you receive a bottle of water per person for on the day of arrival. However, we found out that if you don't book directly through the hotel then this does not get topped up for you daily even if you're all inclusive (you'll see why this was frustrating if you keep reading). Staff - The staff work so hard at the hotel. We found all but 1 member of staff to be so nice, friendly and helpful. They would always smile and say hello, despite being so busy. The lady with short hair and glasses on reception was so good with our little boy and he looked for her everytime we walked past the desk. One of the guys that work on the bar (the only one with short hair), kicked the football a few times with him and Marie (I think her name is) one if the waitresses always got smiles and high fives from him. Service - Wait times for food and drink was LONG! This is absolutely nothing against the staff on the floor because like I said, they didn't stop. There just wasn't enough staff! Everything is centred around the pool bar. There could be 20 ish + minute waits just to order drinks or food each time. There was always just one person working on the bar... That's one person to serve a full hotel of guests their drinks all day and evening 🤯. When having lunch or being there for the evening entertainment all drinks were via table service. Often people would get fed up of waiting and go upto the bar to order, but then be told someone will come to the table to take an order. If you were ordering drinks to take away to your room (which is what we did each night), you would wait until all the order tickets for the people drinking in had been completed. For lunch, once food was eventually ordered it came fairly quickly and staff did appologise for the wait. Food - Breakfast - was good, probably the best meal of the day to be honest. It was buffet style with sausages, eggs, hash browns etc and also crepe style pancakes. You could order omlettes too but they were nothing to rave about. I gave one of the waiters the tub of cream by the pancakes on one of the days as it had mould all around the top. Lunch - is chosen from a menu at the pool bar and you have to sit in to eat it. There was times the toddler was sleeping in the room and we asked to order for take away to the room, but was told this wasn't allowed. The best thing on the lunch menu is the prawns in garlic sauce, they're so good, just to note, they're just called 'Scampi' on the menu. There's a few things on the menu which are not translated very well, for example I've no idea what "Peasent Bread' is but it did make me laugh. Also Wrinkled Potatoes are actually just boiled potatoes. The food quality is poor. Some examples - The meat is so thin and non existent and when you do actually get some it's like you can't really bite/chew through it. Most pasta sauces are like they're watered down so there is barely any taste. Snacks - Are available throughout the day for all inclusive but it's such a small selection. A bowl of battered fruit which usually consist off Apple, Pear and Kiwi, some pre packaged sandwiches, nachos, chips/fries, fish fingers and yoghurt pots. I was expecting there to be an amazing selection of tasty juicy fruits at least 🤷 There's pots of ice cream included in the all inclusive bit and it's actually really nice too. Dinner - Buffet style with themed nights. I cant stress enough, the food is so bad. Absolutely not 4* and the reviews raving about the food genuinely baffle me. The meat quality is poor. It's hard, chewy or fatty. The worst one by far, is the Chinese/Asian night. So much so, I didn't really eat anything on that night. Mexican night is alright and on most nights you can find something that's tolerable but I would never say the food is upto the standard it should be. Desserts are hit and miss and again the fruit is poor. The fruit is little pots of melon and water melon and it's tasteless. Watermelon on holiday is usually the thing to rave about! Drinks - There's a good choice of drinks. Lots of cocktails and alcohol free ones too. The fizzy drinks are on tap for you to help yourself to throughout the day. The odd one did end up running out and I'd love to know if the 'coca cola' was actually that or a cheap version? There is a tap for water but it comes out warm. I started asking for bottles of water and putting them into a cup (you couldn't take away glass bottles). It was genuinely such an effort to get a bottle of water though and some staff were so reluctant to give it and told us to use the tap. We were told the bottles were for lunch only or that they didn't have enough. This was probably one of the most frustrating parts for us. We don't drink alcohol really, we had paid for all inclusive but then getting a bottle of water was like getting blood from a stone. Kids - This was the reason we booked this hotel and on this front, there was no disappointment! There is a small kids pool by the main pool but we rarely used that one. The main kids pool has a small whale slide and a bigger pirate ship slide which are great fun! The pool is a walk in pool which we liked, it felt much safer to us and meant our toddler could get in and out easily. There's a little park with a bridge and slide which he loved. We enjoyed a game or 2 of table tennis and the football nets and great for an after dinner game. The play room was good too, our boy was too young to leave unsupervised bit that was fine with us. He enjoyed it and Alicia ( I think that's how you spell her name) was so good with the kids and doing activities. The dance in the pool at 5pm ish was great fun! Destination - It's good. There's so much around. Lots of places to eat and drink and a short walk from the beach. The nicest beach is by the marina and I'd recommend taking your kiddo to feed the fish too. There's loads! On a whole, it was the food that let this place down. we heard lots of people making the same comments/complaints I've written above. I'd consider booking again but I wouldn't book all inclusive. There's so much around that you don't need to anyway. We had a good time and our toddler had fun, which was the main thing. Thanks to all the amazing staff for working so hard!


av matthurst81 Fareham, Storbritannia

Just a lovely place to spend time

This was our second stay at the hotel, having had a great time previously. We were certainly not disappointed this time around- the service and quality was just as amazing. Have stayed in many hotels- this one probably has the friendliest, most helpful staff I've ever experienced. Couldn't fault any aspect of the stay- room lovely, food always fresh and varied, plenty of places to relax during the day and great evening entertainment. Will definitely be back!


av 166jamesq

Great hotel

My wife and I had a wonderful and memorable stay here. The staff were extremely friendly and I have to single out Rocio who looked after our room. Her attention to detail was first class and even the smallest little surprises left in the room just made a lasting impression, she is a gem. Food was very good and a great selection. The grounds were kept in immaculate condition and the night time entertainment was great.