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6 av 10

Fine og rolige omgivelser.
Det var preget av sesongavslutning. Flere spisetilbud var stengt. Yoga tilbud var avsluttet for sesong.

Bekreftet gjest: 2023-09-30

6 av 10

Strand beliggenhet
Bedre utvalg av mat til frokost,udugelig personale på resepsjon , hadde behov for akut medisinsk hjelp var veldig uinteressert å hjelpe, consier på hotell var bare interessert å selge utflukter for 1 person med pris som starter over 800 euro

Bekreftet gjest: 2023-08-12

7 av 10

Service og renhold

Bekreftet gjest: 2023-08-05

7 av 10

Beliggenhet og arkitekturen
Menneskene og servicen

Bekreftet gjest: 2023-08-05

9 av 10

Det var vakkert, rent og ryddig, supre strender med flotte strandsenger med tykke madrasser og håndklær på stranden, små biler med hyggelige sjåfører som fraktet oss rundt. Nydelig utsikt fra alle kanter, basseng og fra alle restauranter.
Restaurantenes pris nivå og nivå på maten.

Bekreftet gjest: 2023-07-29

10 av 10


Bekreftet gjest: 2023-07-15

8 av 10

Beliggenhet til Strand og personal. Veldig god fiskerestaurant.
Veldig skuffet over gym og spa. Hadde forventet mer av et dyrt 5 stjernes hotell.

Bekreftet gjest: 2023-06-10

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  • 4,5/5 Sted
  • 4,5/5 Sovekvalitet
  • 4,5/5 Rom
  • 4/5 Service
  • 4/5 Verdi
  • 4,5/5 Renslighet

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av Tor L Trondheim, Norge

Dårlig Beach Bar

Vi tok sjansen på å spise lunsj her til tross for mange dårlige anbefalinger. Fant ut at alle dårlige anbefalinger er berettiget. Bestilte salat med brød, fink bare salaten. Brødet ble glemt. Bestilte også en sanwich som vi i det hele tatt ikke vet om vi får ennå. Har etterlyst den, men får ingen tilbakemelding fra kelner. Kjøpte også øl. Bestilte 0,5 liter men glasset vi fikk var knapt 0,4. Her prøver stedet å svindle gjestene. Styr unna dette stedet!


av Mobile60277616355

‘The customer is always right” does not apply here.

During our recent five-night stay at Elivi, my partner and I encountered a few very disappointing experiences that unfortunately affected our overall experience in Greece. The pre-arranged shuttle service from the airport, upon which we relied, arrived 40 minutes late without an apology. This delay left us feeling somewhat stranded, exacerbated by the absence of cell service for communication. Several fellow guests who were in the same situation resorted to taking taxis, despite being charged the full shuttle fee, which was disheartening. The general attitude of the staff towards the guests was way below any expected standard. A sense of disdain was palpable in the demeanor of many staff members when asked for assistance. This was most evident during a conversation at the front desk where, while expressing my concerns regarding the lack of communication about post-storm WiFi and beach access, I was met with argumentation rather than a supportive response. Furthermore, the manager's reaction to a simple request for assistance with calling a local hotel to say we had arrived was less than accommodating, making me feel as though my reasonable inquiry was a terrible inconvenience to him. One notable incident at the Nest restaurant involved a chef raising their voice at a patron due to an error in an order, failing to handle the situation with any professionalism. The breakfast selection, aside from an extensive array of cakes, left much to be desired, with cold and unappetizing eggs and bacon. Despite this, the breakfast staff, particularly Marina, were a commendable exception, providing a positive experience within an otherwise lackluster service environment. Although the rooms were pleasant, we found them to be overpriced. On a more positive note, the independently-owned bar adjacent to Grace was a highlight of our visit. In conclusion, while Elivi Hotel boasts a 5-star rating, in service I would be inclined to rate it closer to 2 stars at best. The disappointing encounters with the staff left us feeling regretful about the substantial investment made for our stay, ultimately tarnishing our overall impression of the beautiful Greek surroundings and leading us to reconsider future visits.


av Tobias N

Not a 5 star hotel

There are quite a few factors that lets this hotel down and definitely does not put this in a 5 star category. When we arrived our room was stinking of mould and had black mould in the shower area. When we complained and refused to take the room we were promised that they would clean it and we could have a temp room for one night. We said we wanted a different room which seemed to be a problem until a senior member of the management turned up and made it happen. We got a very nice room for one night and then moved to another room. The new room was very nice and smelled fantastic for 12 hours. They do have a problem with the drainage in general and the fact that the showers are located within the room and at the back wall where its hard to ventilate. The staff are young and can be arrogant. About half of them are very nice and helpful and the rest not so much! We had staff coming into our room without knocking on the door first ( so make sure to lock it) and the cleaning was very bad. We had a large dead bug on our floor for 3 days in a row. Not sure how they missed it because the rest of the floor was covered in water for hours after the cleaning staff had been there. One day we came back from the beach and discovered that the cleaning staff had broken our very large bathroom sink. A big piece of marble that should have been at the base of it was now dislodged. They just left it like this and we had to ask reception to get maintenance out to fix it. The hotel and the rooms are quite worn and could use a refurb. I know there was flooding and heavy rain a few weeks before we arrived but the rooms themselves are stained and worn. The hotel is not 5 star but the prices def are.. Eating or drinking in this hotel is pricey som bring the big wallet. We rarely ate at the hotel as the selection was very poor (might have been because of the end of the season?) There are a few better eating options down the road. The facilities at the lovely Banana Beach were also not very inspiring with poor expensive food and toilet facilities that were some of the worst I have seen. When leaving they offered transfer to the airport for 60 Euro when a normal taxi is 30 Euro or less... On the upside the location is fantastic with lots of great beaches. Breakfast was great. And the island is very nice. I would come back but not to this hotel!


av craigmR817KK

Stunning location, hotel is OK

We stayed at Elivi Skiathos as a family of four with two young children in October 2023. Our trip was booked as a package holiday through Jet2. The resort is in a stunning location at the southwest tip of the island, with direct access to four excellent beaches - two of which are exclusive to hotel guests. There are a few areas / types of accommodation on site; we stayed in the Grace suites, which are all built into the hillside, meaning almost every room enjoys fabulous views, mostly south-facing. Our room was modern, spacious and clean and had a large balcony with a hot tub, which was great for relaxing away from the beach and in our own private space with the kids. The location and room quality are the main strengths of this hotel as the beautiful backdrop with views over the Koukounaries bay were the saviour of an otherwise underwhelming experience. Firstly, the aforementioned hillside setting makes this sprawling resort a challenge to navigate on foot. The hotel offers a free, on-demand buggy service for guests but I can imagine waiting times at busy periods during peak times of year could be an issue, and for a family like ours that enjoys the freedom of walking around the resort, it is worth considering. Some of the other guests we spoke to mentioned to us they felt unsafe on the buggies, and with two kids on our laps, we felt the staff drove at unnecessary speeds, especially down the steep slopes. More generally, navigation and accessibility with a pushchair was an issue throughout our holiday due to (i) the escalator going down multiple levels from the main building to the ground level / beach being out of service all week; and (ii) the walkways being broken in several areas but mainly approaching and on the beach. Secondly, we chose this hotel in large part due to the range of options on site when it came to beaches and restaurants; disappointingly when we visited only one beach was open for the full week (one other closed part way through our stay); and two out of the six restaurants (albeit one of the two options was at the breakfast area and had a set menu with only two choices for EUR25 - we avoided this and it seems most other guests did the same). There may well be mitigating circumstances to some of the issues we faced and we believe that our experience is a combination of travelling on the last week of the season (which we wouldn't recommend - the hotel closed for the year on 8th October and everything was being wound down for closure, including the otherwise excellent breakfast buffet closing and changing to a more limited la carte option), and severe storms in the preceding weeks to our arrival date which may have caused some of the damage on site, particularly on the beaches. However, none of this was explained to us in advance of our arrival, nor was any of the damage or reasons for the beach and restaurant closures mentioned in our arrival briefing. Fortunately, the cheap and reliable bus service on the island has a stop near the hotel entrance, and we ended up getting the bus into Skiathos Town for food every evening. Ultimately, had we known about having to make a 1hr return journey with two young children every night, we wouldn't have chosen this hotel (and after our holiday are left questioning the value for money we received). As regards staff, most of the people we came into contact with were friendly and helpful, particularly the cleaners and support staff. Some of the bar and catering staff were less so, albeit we suspected were fatigued from the season and looking forward to heading home the following week. It is a great shame to be leaving a balanced review rather than an overwhelmingly positive one, as we believe this hotel has the potential to be the 5* exclusive resort it markets itself as in its glossy social media promotions, with some investment to make improvements over the winter. That said, offering only bed and breakfast basis with the prices charged for the food & beverages on site would probably drive most people off site anyway. So in summary, this is an exceptional property and has the potential to be paradise. For anyone seeking to travel to Elivi in 2024 and beyond, we would recommend that you seek assurances with your travel agent / company that the necessary repairs have been made and that the full resort will be open and accessible on your dates before you book.


av jessiej Bath, Storbritannia

Not a 5* resort

As others have said this is not a 5* resort. It has potential to be but the real-life experience is lacklustre and underwhelming to say the least. Here’s are a few things we experienced which have also been expressed by others: Staff aren’t welcoming and every request was almost met with a shrug of the shoulders. Some of the restaurant waiting, housekeeping and beach bar stuff were lovely but everyone we met at reception/front of house had a frosty attitude. The food on-site is mediocre at best. Don’t eat at the hotel beyond breakfast. When we visited, 2 restaurants were closed. 2 beach bars due to bad weather. This was the case before we arrived but no communication was given to us. If felt like half the resort was closed. The lift was broken from Grace area to top which with a 4 month old baby would have been really useful. The water coming from the taps and shower were running brown water. Rooms feel basic in terms of decor and finishing touches. Ours was run down with mould on the wall near the shower and dirty tiles. The gym was supposed to open at 8. I arrived at 8:40 to a closed gym/spa and when I asked to open it I was greeted with another shrug of the shoulders, like this was my problem. The drivers of the buggies need to slow down. We had a small baby and almost went over on two wheels around one of the tight bends one evening. Positives are: Location is stunning and I’m sure when everything is open and operational - the multiple beaches are fantastic. But that is about it based on our experience. As I said there is lots of potentially but guest experience needs a complete rethink.