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  • 4,5/5 Sted
  • 4,5/5 Sovekvalitet
  • 4,5/5 Rom
  • 4,5/5 Service
  • 4/5 Verdi
  • 4,5/5 Renslighet

86% anbefaler hotellet

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av trineo157 Sola, Norge

Flott familiedag på Atlantis

Veldig hyggelig opplevelse. God mat ved bessanget som og var barnevennlig. Bassenget ved zero pool var ypperlig og passet svært godt til barn og familier. Bassenget innbyr til aktivitet som vannbasket og vollyball. Svært god service fra teamet Femi, Abbey og Richaed ved zero pool 😊


av yax186338 London, Storbritannia

Amazing hotel

We stayed in The Atlantis for 4 days and thoroughly enjoyed every one of them. All the staff were helpful, courteous and friendly. Our room was amazing and the housekeeping superb. To wake up each morning in a beautiful room looking at the Arabian Sea from our veranda was magical. We had a half board packet and all the restaurants we used gave incredible service and good food- especially recommend Seafire Steakhouse and Bar where Ablzi and Paraveen work and whose customer service was excellent.


av Coastal65403414586 Bangalore, India

Mandatory place to vist in Dubai but expensive when comes to food.

I booked one day room stay in Palm Atlantis.. all the guests who stay in Atlantis have one time access to Atlantis Waterpark ( best waterpark i ever known ) and also have access to beach, the lost chambers of aquarium and lot more. i have booked only room without food, so i faced lot of issue over there as food is very expensive, i recommend to opt room along with food, so that you guys won't face any food crisis. other than that, it is one of the most beautiful place to visit in Dubai.


av Abdool K

Poor service standard hotel

Dear General Manager, I would like to share with you the awful experience I had at your resort at Atlantis the palm. I have been on a holiday of 20 days having been in France and in Dubai. I left Atlantis as last stay(2 days- from 30 jul-1 August) thinking that it will be the cherry on the cake to close my family holidays. However, it had a bitter taste because of the poor service and issues during the stay. Below is the list for the two days where I believe you should improve ⁃ List of bad experience What you should improve 1 check-in - it was like a marketplace where you had to queue to complete your check-in. In Total I had to wait for 45 mins standing at the counter. They also had a problem with their system having the wrong amount to bill. the Manager had to apologised and he gave me a complimentary dinner at the Buffet as an apology. 2 the lost chambers aquarium - 2 hours later- We went to the lost chamber’s aquarium for the first activity but when we tried to activate our card to get in, the guy told us that the card does not seem to be active and told us to go to the counter. We again queued for a few minutes and the counter - When it was our turn and we told the lady(pravita) to get our tickets, she said that you don’t need tickets since you have the hotel key. We told her that the guy told us to come and see her, but she told us to go back to the guy and then we went back to the guy who told us to come back to the lady. I then told her that you need to coordinate between your team to tell us clearly where we need to go and do. She started arguing that it is us that need to explain clearly what we need, and she started an argument with me and my wife. We again ask for the Manager, and we again spend 10 minutes explaining her of the poor service which she apologised. 3. Restaurant booking- we were at Atlantis for only 2 days, and it was impossible to get the Lebanese restaurant between 7-9 pm. Only slots available was at 9:30 onwards. I tried other restaurants but only slots were at 6pm because I have a kid under 10 which is not allowed after 8pm according to the law. I had to go and eat at mall of emirates for dinner which I found pitiful 1. You need to help guest with young kids to be able to get priorities for a la carte restaurant where there are no alcohol restrictions 2. Help the guest plan better when they are coming for short stay Swimming after 6:15. Security came to take us out of the sea. Cannot swim in the sea after 6 pm. Even you cannot walk/sit in the sea- that is an absurd rule 1. You should arrange to have a lifeguard on the sea at least until 7. It is hot in Dubai, and it was a tragedy to see to many guests arguing to your security guy because they cannot get into water. This is supposed to be a holiday and it felt more like being at school Waterpark- not able to do rides as from 6:15 when it says on your website other wise You need to give new guest explanation on the park and the rides etc. Restaurant- I said I have an allergy to Chilli when I entered the Buffet at saffron restaurant, and I asked to be told what food I need to avoid. They told me to go at each counter and ask the person at the counter if there is any chilli. I did that and I went to the sushi counter to ask, and they told me I could eat those. I got a chilli in the second sushi and ate and I again I had to complaint. The chef came to apologies, and I had then showed the areas I could eat on the buffet. Your team should be trained to understand that allergies are a serious matter and can lead to fatalities if not taken seriously. Check out- Had the same problem again at check in – The bill they wanted me to pay was not correct and again we had to spend time dealing with the problem with your front office staff. I was right again and after a lot of frustrations and argument, he managed to get the right file. I also at the time asked him if he can locate my chauffeur drive from emirates as I was already a bit late for my plane and asked for help whether he could get the number of emirates for me to call. He said that the driver was not there and that if I wanted to get the number, I needed to go and google it myself. This is unbelievable and I would never have expected this to happen. At that point, I decided to leave the property to never to come back again. When I went outside, I managed to get a call from emirates. The driver had been at the hotel for the past 30 mins, and no one communicated it to front office or concierge. All my years I have been to a hotel, I have never had a front office staff telling me to ‘go and google for information’. I don’t know what training your staff are getting but it certainly needs a lot of improvements. Poor communication between teams. To improve. Perhaps walkie talky to talk to each other. There are other little things that you need to improve if you want to be a true 5 star. For example, when you have 3 guests, you need to put 3 slippers in the room and not to upset the kid who did not get one. These are basic to try to retain future clients. And when the guest forgets to put the clean-up sign, you still need to clean the room and not use that we forgot to put the clean-up sign to clean the room at 5pm when you come back in the room. The value proposition and delivery did not meet my expectations and so is the fees I paid for it. You have a great asset in terms of infrastructure but your processes, customer services are lacking and needs improvement. I stayed 4 days at Shangri-La Dubai before coming and there the service was constantly 5 stars while at Atlantis it was constantly at a 2/3 stars. The only positive comments are that the waterpark is great, and the swim with the dolphin was amazing. If I had to do it again, I would have never wasted my money staying at Atlantis and I would not recommend Atlantis Hotel with my friends.


av Johnstone2015 Edinburgh, Storbritannia

Good housekeeping

Thank you Kumar for excellent housekeeping and looking after us so well during our stay and making our rooms so perfect. Well organised and tailored to meet the times we needed to be in our room or go to breakfast and be by the pool.