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  • 4,5/5 Sovekvalitet
  • 4/5 Sted
  • 4,5/5 Rom
  • 4,5/5 Service
  • 4/5 Verdi
  • 4,5/5 Renslighet

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Innlegg av Lars F

Charter med All inklusiv

Dette er et rent og pent hotell med hyggelige ansatte som gjør sitt beste for at alle skal få en perfekt ferie. Flotte bassenger som oppleves rene og trygge for hele familien. En flott strand med masse vannsport muligheter, med gratis solsenger. Det eneste jeg og min familie har å utsette på denne plassen er faktisk gjestene. Det føles ekstremt kaotisk under alle måltider, mange som oppfører seg som dyr, all inklusiv skal vist tjenes inn på første tallerken. Mange som ikke bryr seg om kø politikk og trenger seg på uansett om det er voksene eller barn som må vike. Men maten skårer veldig bra med tanke på at dette er all inkl. Solsenger blir holdt av fra kl 0600 om morgenen. Er du sent ute, får du ikke solseng ved basseng. Det er ikke noe form for by liv utenfor hotellet. Så anbefaler leiebil for å se nye ting. Rhodos cars har egen plass i lobby og er veldig hjelpsomme. Vi betalte 60 euro for en VW Polo fra kl 0800-2200. Det er også veldig enkelt å kjøre bil på Rhodos, her kan man rekke rundt hele øya på en dag om man ønsker. Vi reiser gjerne tilbake om sjansen byr seg. Takker for en flott uke og ønsker personalet på Lindos Princess Beach hotell lykke til videre, med til tider i overkant mye uoppdragne gjester. Dere fikset det bra, men vi kunne se at noen av dere jobbet hard med å holde mote oppe☀️Hilsen gjestene på rom 2158 uke 31.


Innlegg av 12345678gf

Bra hotel, dødskjedelig mat

Dro med familien hit for en ukes avslapping. Sammenlignet med feks Sunwing er området mye finere. -men, og et stort men. Det er samme mat uten smak hver eneste dag. Hva med å dra frem en grill å grille litt??? Dersom man ønsker å betale for middag en kveld ekstra er det oppgitt en pris på 15€ pr person. I realiteten tar de 25€. -Det er det ikke verdt. Resepsjonspersonalet er middels sure. Internett: De tar betalt for en tjeneste som ikke fungerer. Han som leier ut bil er både hyggelig og har gode priser, anbefales. Mye russere, polakker og tyskere.


Innlegg av JoJo100 London, Storbritannia

Last minute getaway (from it all) holiday

We stayed at this lovely hotel the last two weeks of the season. The first week was very busy and if you wanted a lounger by one of the three big pools you had to get up at the crack of dawn! It was a pity the hotel did not follow through with its threat of removing towels placed before 8am, however I usually found a bed at the far end of the beach (as long as it was before 9am!) The second week was a lot quieter with plenty of choice. The hotel and grounds are extremely well kept and clean. The public toilets were constantly cleaned and there was plenty of space between the sun loungers and tables in the bars and restaurants. The food was excellent in the main buffet restaurant with a huge amount of choice which catered for all tastes and was very tasty - you would have to be extremely fussy if you did not like anything on offer! - The buffet/bbq restaurant by the beach was also good. We ate at the al a carte restaurants (Italian and Greek) 3 times and the food was excellent. All the staff wore masks and we were not allowed to touch anything at the buffets where the the staff served us, even down to putting dressing on our salad, so felt very safe. Our only gripe was the drink. The beer was awful but wine was just about drinkable. The spirits seemed to be very weak (unless you had their equivalent of Baileys which was very nice). The brandy was so watered down my partner ended up paying for a better brand each night! The staff were all very friendly and helpful, special mention to George, Head Barman in the Dionysos Bar. There are a few restaurants outside the hotel and a bar. I recommend a trip to the lovely little village of Lardos, a 20 minute walk away (and 5 euro taxi back after a few gorgeous cocktails at Yamas Bar) also Lindos is a must, a really unique and beautiful place. We also visited Pefkos which had changed beyond recognition (and quadrupled in size) since our previous visit 28 years ago! All in all a very enjoyable holiday (especially in these strange and uncertain times). We will definitely come back to this lovely, friendly hotel.


Innlegg av Escape829071

Very mixed review.

We visited this hotel as a family of 5 with a 2,10 & 13 year old. First impressions, the hotel is very picturesque and pretty. We stayed in a family bungalow and were surprised at the amount of space, the dividing doors are great for you to enjoy some quiet time when the kids are in full swing. The onsite shop is adequately stocked and the staff that work there are very pleasant and polite. The pools were quite cold at this time of year, but that was to be expected as it was approaching the end of the season and certainly did not stop us from partaking. The cleanliness at this hotel is exceptional, the staff are dedicated to maintaining the image of this resort and it was certainly evident in and around the hotel. The snack bar for lunch was amazing, some of the best Pizza and Gyros around, my only gripes would be that there was no change to the menu in 11 days, which as you can imagine gets a bit repetitive. The staff that served behind the snack bar were also never particularly pleasant throughout our entire stay, as a family of 5, on occasion one nominated family member would approach the snack bar and ask for around 6 slices of pizza for all of our family to share (queues had a tendency to be long) it did feel that the staff were looked at you as if you were being exceptionally greedy, also the pizza slices would gradually get smaller and smaller the more that you ordered. Personally, this is an all inclusive hotel and certainly should not be making people feel that there are limitations as to what you can order. The staff in the beach bar restaurant were all pleasant and polite, particularly the ladies. Our 2 year old is very friendly and we really appreciated them taking the time to say hello and smile at him when they passed. The hotel buffet is a massive fail for me, I appreciate that this was always going to be chaotic due to COVID, however I was not prepared at all for the lack of variety aimed at English guests. This is the first all inclusive that I have been to that does not have a ' children's station' so with 3 children, it was quite dire -spaghetti Bolognese for dinner each evening, and plain pasta for our 'fussy' eater. As adults we found that we were very limited and in 3 evenings myself and my partner didn't eat at all. We did eat out for around 6 of the 11 evenings that we were there for due to this. The constant source of plastic cups for all drinks were a pain after a while and has a tendency to make the drinks taste a little artificial. We did however visit the lounge bar and ordered beer and prosecco in glasses which improved the taste greatly, however the cocktails were not pleasant wether they were in plastic or glass. I do have to say that the bar staff here were absolutely brilliant and attentive, Very friendly and on first name terms with my partner and our children. On the last day in the resort we were caught up in the storm that sadly took the lives of 2 children and had left another boy in an induced coma. Having spoken to one of the women at the beach during the storm panicking about her son paragliding, we were absolutely gobsmacked to see this same lady hours later in the reception area shouting to staff to help her to find her son. This poor lady had gone hours not knowing where her child was and had obviously not had any word from the water sport centre (connected to the hotel) that had taken her child out. After what felt like an eternity two ladies were ushered in a taxi crying. I read later that day about the fate of those children and it absolutely devastated us. Our final evening at this hotel felt eerie and unsafe and this is the first time in my life I have ever wished to leave a holiday resort so rapidly. Upon returning home, we read about the negligence of the water sports centre and decided to email our local police regarding the incident and the confirmation of timings in which we saw the same lady both at the beach and the reception.yes, This was a tragic accident, but the water sports company could have prevented this accident and the hotel could have done a million times more for these families when they realised that a catastrophic accident had occured. On this occasion, not only would we not return to this hotel but we will not return to Rhodes, possible Greece in its entirety.


Innlegg av jcreative1912 Solihull, Storbritannia

Fantastic last minute half term break

I stayed here with my wife and three kids in a beach view family room. Accommodation was good, if a bit tight for 3 kids but we spent minimal time in the room so no problem. Cleanliness was very good in the room and all the communal areas. Food was excellent and the restaurant coped well with the Covid restrictions that prevented buffet service. The hotel was fairly quiet so access to loungers was fine. The beach was our chosen hangout as the sea was warmer than the pools! The staff were friendly and very helpful and allowed a late checkout with no extra fee. Couple of small tips from me: Take beach shoes as the beach and sea floor is pebbly Take a towel clip or similar to pinch the curtains closed as they dont meet and the lovely sunshine floods in to wake you up! Overall an excellent relaxing stay in a well run big hotel. We'll be back!