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  • 4,5/5 Sovekvalitet
  • 3/5 Sted
  • 4,5/5 Rom
  • 3,5/5 Service
  • 3,5/5 Verdi
  • 4,5/5 Renslighet

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av valeriedD1240XW

Not a 5* hotel

Lovely lounge and bar area. Pool area clean and tidy. That's the best that can be said about this hotel. Rooms stylish, but not very practical. Not enough storage space. A solid lump of wood for a bedside table, no drawer or shelves. Coffee making station had dirty stained mugs and furred kettle. Had to clean both with hand towels in the room. Then discovered cafe creme was bad and curdled the drinks. Resorted to bring milk to the room from the dining room. Shower toilet area spacious, but the glazed doors not very nice. Covered in soap stains, and do you really want to be able to see your partner using the toilet? Drain smells in the room and resorted to putting shampoo and shower gel in the toilet to freshen it up. The pool area was nicely set out, but the DJ found it necessary to have the volume turned up, so it was impossible to speak at normal levels. Complaint to the manager resulted in the suggestion to complain at the time and the volume would be reduced. This was not the first time a complaint had been made about this and clearly the management had no intention of doing anything. The food at the pool bar seemed to be anything with chips. The 'a la carte' restaurant which could be booked once in a 7 day stay, was actually the pool bar dressed up. The 'free' options on the menu were limited and the other dishes were chargeable and expensive. The CANTINA restaurant. Well, breakfast was buffet style and there was a choice. Unfortunately the coffee machines could not cope when the restaurant was busy, resulting in long queues. Then, the shortage of mugs and cups resulted in even longer queues. There also seemed to be an issued with bowls for fruit and yoghurt and plates. That is, go hunt for them somewhere other than by the station. The toaster did not work properly, and despite the staff being advised no action was taken. Lunch and dinner meals could be ordered on the 'app'. The problem with this is the name of the dish gave no clue to what it was, Sunbirnt pig and no cry pie. The lunch menu was a shortened version of the dinner menu. As long as you liked pasta, pizza or salad you were OK. In the evening the popular food station came under pressure and struggled to cope. Ordering food on the app from different food stations meant the meals arrived at the table at different times, meaning one person could have finished their meal before anything else arrived. On a Sunday evening the restaurant was incredibly busy and the management seemed to go into panic mode looking for tables to become vacant. Hardly a relaxing mealtime. The idea of 'street food' style food probably sounds good on paper, but true street food vendors would be horrified if this was a considered a representation of their product. The food was greasy. Roasted vegetables swimming in oil and grease. Soup was awful, the mushroom soup in particular reached an all time low. Soup was the only dish offered as a starter. Deserts were mostly variations of biscuit crumb, mouse and cream, although fresh fruit was available (but not at every meal). The meals offered were repetitive and boring. We arrived on Friday evening and by Sunday evening decided we would only take breakfast in the hotel and eat out locally for other meals, despite having paid for all meals. There appears to be a lot of 'managers' who wander around and stand in the restaurant, but don't seem to do much. They all looked scruffy in jeans and wrinkled shirts. Hardly the image for a '5*' hotel. This hotel is not 5 star, at best a 3 star, and that's being generous. We have stayed in 4 and 5 star hotels around the world and this is the worst ever.


av ORRtravelling

Far from 4 star hotel. Misleading with rude staff.

- We arrived around 10pm at the hotel to check in, on arrival the reception staff were unaccommodating and unhelpful. We was told to take our bags to the room and to go to the restaurant where we could get something to eat with travelling all day. - We went back down to the restaurant and it was empty with no food or staff in sight. We then asked reception if we could upgrade our room (happy to pay) to a pool view and they denied and said it was too late. - Our room facing the back of the hotel wasn’t private as shower faces the windows of other rooms so had to have curtains closed always, which is why we asked to move on arrival. - The pillows in room are awful- had to ask them to be changed so didn’t sleep much throughout the week as once changed the bed was still really uncomfortable. - All food/drink is shown via app on phone, when ordering lunch & dinner, this is via app only. - Breakfast is ok- limited but it has usual fry up choices each morning. - Lunch- weekly lunch bites by the pool change everyday but are extremely basic- one day we ordered a ‘chicken fillet baguette’ which was just 3 small nuggets in a bread roll and all sides are basic chips or plain ice cream. - Lunch was so basic considering it’s ‘premium’ we used the shop within the hotel to buy crisps snacks to eat instead. (Extra fees) - Dinner- Dishes with the star next to it are included but it’s not a huge selection, mainly pasta/pizza dishes, really disappointing considering this is 4 star hotel- it would accommodate more for children than adults. - You can dine one night throughout the holiday in the A’la carte restaurant- the menu only has basic dishes that are included in free concept like ‘vegan burger’ or ‘zucchini skewers’, anything worth ordering like a steak/fish is payable from £40-90 a dish. - Pool area is clean and bed/towels fine- pool area has DJ at certain hours of the day but it does specify that it offers live music/entertainment in bar area of an evening. This did not happen in the 6 nights of our stay. - Rail needed on steps walking down to pool- noticed a few people trip on rugs/older people struggle to get down the steps to the pool in the daytime. - Hotel doesn’t offer currency/cash - so once told to walk down road, that machine was broken. We wanted to get out of the hotel and go to the town so we then had to buy bus tickets in random shop due to not being able to get anymore cash anywhere close to hotel- we was also told wrong directions by reception staff. - Corfu town is around 25 via bus for around €4 for two people each way. The town is lovely, has really nice restaurants and shops. - The hotel is not walking distance from anywhere nice food wise- it is all motorbike/car shops as you can see via photos attached. - On the room directory it says that the room service food is included in feel free concept (as shown in photo) therefore- we ordered room service one evening to avoid the restaurant, once arrived at the door we had a large charge to follow. The next morning we asked reception who said it should be included and didn’t know why there was a charge- once passed on to Restaurant manager, he was extremely rude, abrupt and dismissed it and said we had to pay regardless of what was in the directory. - Nothing was made easy or clear by the staff with whats included and what is extra charge. Therefore paying for the feel free concept is pointless when it’s so basic and misleading. - This is not a luxury hotel and the food added to their instagram (that is marketed luxury) is all dishes that are payable- so it’s extremely miss sold. - We spoke to 4/5 other couples within hotel that week and all agreed and said same as above. - I never usually complain as i’ve never stayed at a hotel as badly mannered and poorly serviced as this but for the price this hotel expects for people to pay compared to what they actually offer is appalling and I would not recommend and certainly won’t be returning.


av kellywN2742QD

didn’t live up to expectations

Positives: Beautifully decorated We had no issues with staff at all (which was a worry after reading some reviews) The pool atmosphere during the day was nice Al carte restaurant was yummy Negatives: Terrible location- not really the hotels fault but it’s just not a pretty location and as soon as you step foot outside the hotel it no longer feels like a luxury holiday. Food and drink were average - I struggled to find something in the all inclusive that I liked and ended up drinking pimms the entire time. My partner ended up on wine as he wasn’t a fan of the Greek beer that was included. The food was good on most occasions however one night my partner was served raw chicken and the waitress argued that it was supposed to be cooked that way. Evening entertainment: for a chain hotel that seems to offer a huge variety of entertainment in other locations. Corfu seems to lack any at all. This was by far the biggest let down for us. We weren’t expecting a rave but for a place to play music all day and then suddenly stop at 6 it makes no sense. I think cooks club definitely need to work on this as there was a lot of couples complaining about it during our stay. For now if your going on holiday I’d say book a scooter or boat to go see nicer parts of the island. I would also recommend you bring something to keep you entertained in the evening or you will end up with lots of early nights.


av JulieM937 Liverpool, Storbritannia

Chill out holiday with friends

If you’re after an entertainment team that try and get you to join in pointless games and make lots of noise this is most definitely not for you!!!! What a beautiful peaceful hotel. Spotlessly clean with lovely decor and furnishings, this new hotel is the perfect place to chill out, relax and unwind. The food is amazing but make sure you have a smart phone as evening meals are ordered via an app at your dinner table. The drinks are generous and available ALL the time. Would definitely come back again for a short break.


av Mally678897

A great stay!

Here’s to the people worrying after reading the reviews.. It’s probably the best hotel I’ve stayed in, the hotel is immaculate and the staff are so friendly and deffo work their socks off! The rooms are lovely and clean, very modern and throughout the whole hotel it’s very well decorated and designed. Cleaners clean every day and leave fresh towels and 2 bottles of water - you have a mini fridge and a safe (no extra charge) there’s a shop in the actual hotel which is really handy incase you forget anything and again they’re always helpful and polite Drinks were amazing, lots included in the all inclusive menu however you do need to pay for some drinks which will get charged to the room, but we found the drinks included were great so didn’t need to do that. We did find that the bar staff do tend to make the drinks differently, sometimes tasted different but that wasn’t a big issue like people are making out! They work really hard and are always polite give them a break. The food is AMAZING, not like your usual buffet food that’s gone cold from being left out so long, you order through an app and the food is made fresh, we loved this as there’s no waiting around to get served by someone, we also never had an issue with food arriving different times, but this wouldn’t have been an issue for us anyway. The menu changes daily, always lots to choose from! There’s also a pool bar which serves food and drinks, again the food was great and you’re never waiting long. The pool vibe is really good, the DJ plays nice chilled music, you're never fighting for sunbeds, there was always plenty to choose from at the pool which is a massive issue in most hotels, there’s also a little hut with a guy who hands out towels, never had an issue getting these either. There is a lady in the hotel which rents cars, highly recommend doing this as you get to explore amazing parts of corfu We would definitely visit this hotel again and other cooks club hotels in the future! Please don’t let the bad reviews put you off, there was a variety of ages at the hotel when we stayed and I’m sure they all had a great time.. I think some people just have too much time on their hands and like to complain about everything ha Thank you Cooks Club for a fabulous stay!