Work as a Destination Manager

Work as a Destination Manager

Do you want to lead the work at one of our destinations? Do you have experience in quality work, personnel and finance?

Job description

As a Destination Manager, you lead the work on the destination and make sure that the experience on site follows Apollo's goals, directives and guidelines. You have budgetary responsibility and ensure that the goals of the destination are achieved and that strategies and guidelines are followed. The service involves budget responsibility, quality assurance and marketing of the destination and our products. As a staff manager, you must ensure that your staff has the right conditions to give our guests a wonderful holiday.


What does it take to apply?

You are organized, can work independently and express yourself well in speech and writing. In addition to the knowledge requirements, university education, staff responsibility, longer stay abroad, previous work in the travel industry, management education and training or experience in pedagogy is meritorious.


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Knowledge requirements

  • Work experience at least 1 year, preferably in service or tourism

  • 3-year upper secondary education, preferably in tourism

  • Driving license B

  • Speak and write fluently in English