Work as a Concept Supervisor

Work as a Concept Supervisor

Do you have the ability to lead, develop and inspire teams and individuals? Are you good at selling and service oriented? If so, you should apply for the position as Concept Supervisor.

Job description

As a Concept Supervisor, you are responsible for managing and coordinating the operational work at one of our Apollo Mondo-hotels. You have staff responsibility over the employees employed by Apollo at the hotel. You are responsible for ensuring customer satisfaction at the hotel. You are actively working on sales of Apollo Mondo's range on site. In consultation with the Destination Manager, you will guide the development and experience of the hotel. You are Apollo's public face and an important link between Apollo and the hotel.

What does it take to apply?

You are responsible and businesslike. You are organized, have very good leadership qualities and is good at expressing yourself well in speech and writing. Strong customer focus, high integrity, solution-oriented and quick thinking are qualities that are needed to fulfill the role. In addition to the knowledge requirements, university education and previous work in the travel industry is meritorious. You may have worked as a Tour Representative, team leader or at a concept hotel.


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Knowledge requirements

Jobba som barnledareExperience in the travel industry

Jobba som barnledare3 years work experience in service, hotel or restaurant

Jobba som barnledareManagement experience

Jobba som barnledare3-year upper secondary education

Jobba som barnledareDriving license B

Jobba som barnledareSpeak and write fluently in English