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7,7 / 10
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Omgivelser med vegetasjon.
Frokost, bedre senger, varmtvann i vasken/badet og rengjøring.

Bekreftet gjest: 2020-01-13

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  • 4,5/5 Sted
  • 4/5 Sovekvalitet
  • 4/5 Rom
  • 4/5 Service
  • 4/5 Verdi
  • 4/5 Renslighet

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Innlegg av JanetT326 Vancouver, B.C., Canada

Mixed experience

This was a reasonable place to stay. It's not really cottages . . . or if there are cottages, I didn't see them. I saw two fairly large blocks containing multiple rooms. I found breakfast a little vexing. The included breakfast consists of white toast, jam, butter, a glass of fresh juice, and coffee or tea. One wouldn't think that this would be time-consuming or difficult to produce, but it was remarkably slow. There was also no choice. When I was there, they seemed to be alternating between pineapple juice and watermelon juice from day-to-day. You can also order additional items from the menu and I asked for fresh orange juice. I was told that it was out of season. However, I was easily able to get fresh orange juice at nearby restaurants. Another issue was the towels, which were thin and a bit grubby looking. They were also only refreshed every two days. I appreciate the environmental concern, but in a place with a pool and where people need to shower and clean up after returning from the beach, I would have liked to be given the option. (When I asked, I was given fresh towels, but somewhat reluctantly.) Also, be aware that the beach is a bit further than expected (though not far) and it's not an especially pleasant walk (litter and marginal housing). One bottle of wqter was provided at check-in. Not replaced on a daily basis. I also had concerns about security. You are asked to leave your key when going out, but the key area is unsecured in the reception area, which is often unattended. They have separate small lockers for valuables in the reception area, with a two-key system. This was all right but required the presence of a staff member for the second key. There wasn't always a staff person around although the wait was never long.


Innlegg av 829rogera Örebro

God stay

Ok place close to the beach, the room we got was quite small. The breakfast we got was 2 slices of toast with butter and jam coffee and and a small glass of juice. It's close to the restaurants and beach. The pool is small but clean. A lot of moskitos at the reception where the only wifi is available.


Innlegg av abhijeetnpatil Pune, India

Great property

Visited in last week with family... property is very beautiful and clean. Staff is very cooperative...15 mins walking distance to baga beach...parking issue is there but it's doable 5 to 10 min walking distance...will definitely visit again.


Innlegg av AniketSamudra Pune, India

Know this before you book you stay

Definitely would like to tell you "IN DETAIL" about few -ve things that you won't be told clearly before bookign your stay 1. BIGGEST problem is parking. While booking, we were told that the resort does not have a parking. We have to park vehicle to a open space which is just opposite/ nearby the resort and is paid. WHAT WE WERE NOT TOLD, is that the parking is not nearby or opposite. You will have to walk atleast 100 meters far. It is paid, and pricing is costly. THEY CHARGE 100rs for 12 HOURS, read it again.. 12 Hours, not per day. Another disgusting thing is that, if you take your vehicle out within those 12 hours and park again, then the earlier receipt is not valid. YOU WILL HAVE TO PAY AGAIN. The people they are literally are goons and use bad language if you try to argue. Parking is not monitered, completely in dark, no lights, and lot of people drink around and hence unsafe especially for ladies to go and park car late night 2. Resort is not exactly beach connected. From the back gate, there is a bit of a walk even to see the Sea. It is not BEACH CONNECTED. The back side is literally in dark, no lights, so if you are returning late evening from beach, better to take the longer route, as its impossible to come back from the same route after it is dark. 3. ROOM SERVICE AND FOOD SERVICE IS EXTREMELY EXTREMELY POOR. 4. Breakfast you will get only bread-butter-jam and tea/coffee as complimentory. For everything you order including the complimentory breakfast, expect atleast a 40 mins to 1hr waiting time. Kitchen is very small and few people handle it. Everytime u order something they will reply back as IT WILL TAKE TIME, and literally suggest you to not to order anything. Food quality is ok ok. If you order your COMPLIMENTORY breakfast to your room or pool side, then IT IS CHARGED, its not complimentory. You can have any types of rules, but you should have told us before booking or before ordering the BF to rooms / poolside 5. SWIMING POOL is okay, but on first evening (and later days also) of our stay only i saw 2 full size grown frogs swimming merilly and hence couldn't dared to go in it. 6. Towels and napkins are very dirty and looked unhygenic 7. Our checkin time was 11am, we reached at 6pm to found out that rooms are not clean and not done. Toilets were dirty and unflushed by previous occupants 8. Only location of the property is a plus point, nothing will make me even think to book here again 9. Ordering outside food / drinks attracts cockerage 10. Basic necessity - WIFI is not available. Its available only at the owners office and just outside the door of it. Cell phone range, or data-pack doesn't work always inside the property THINK TWICE before booking here, there are lot of other options available nearby. Avoid frustration


Innlegg av neetu p Delhi, New York

Hidden Gem

Third stay here and we can't find any place better than this. The location is excellent with the beach on one side and the market on the other. Neat and clean rooms. Warm hospitality and great staff. Special thanks to Vinod for making us so comfortable.