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  • 4/5 Sted
  • 4/5 Sovekvalitet
  • 3,5/5 Rom
  • 4/5 Service
  • 3,5/5 Verdi
  • 4/5 Renslighet

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av alanmE4589IY East Kilbride, Storbritannia

Modern hotel in a beautiful setting

Lovely stay for a week’s holiday. This is a nice modern medium sized hotel. Our room was small but very well laid out with a great view of the pool, the room was a modern design that might not suit everyone so have a look at the bathroom pictures and layout before you book. The pool was great if a little cold at this time of year, we never had difficulty finding loungers and shade. The rooftop pool and bar area was my favourite with great loungers and a spectacular view (just a pity the bar didn’t open until 5:30pm). I love fish so was never stuck for something to eat and have to give the fish curry a special mention. We stayed AI and were happy with all the food and drinks available with the exception of the cocktails that were from a mix and not to our taste. At all times the staff were helpful and efficient yet managed to be fairly laid back. The walk into Cabanas is short and worth doing, we also enjoyed taking the little boat the beach. We played golf a couple of times at a close by course and that all went smoothly. The hotel is in a nature reserve so we did pick up a couple of mosquito bites, however worth it for the beautiful views and sunset. Housekeeping were great and our room was spotless every day. Only negative was the music, I enjoyed it mostly however often there were 2 different systems playing different music at the same time that was a pity to spoil the ambiance of the place (poolside + aerobics ) (dj & bar music) this happened often and staff didn’t appear to notice, I pointed it out to the entertainment guy but it continued to happen.


av 934brianl Liverpool, Storbritannia

Awful holiday

Start date 18th to 25th September. Nice complex with potential but by far the worst holiday I’ve experienced. Staff ok food diabolical. Cold no choice . As for the restaurant I’d highly advise not to book . Cold melon soup looked like slime then raw fish floating in a bowl of starchy looking water never stayed for the main that put us off . Unfortunately I struggled with food poisoning and still suffering now whilst home . This is more like a complex for conferences that have the run of the place which then makes holiday guests second in line as these horrible people are clapping all day long like seals , invading peoples privacy whilst there sunbathing, with there loud arrogant voices whilst there cigarette ash is blowing everywhere. Rooftop bar not accessible to holiday guests whilst these conferences were going on they had the run of the place but as a previous reviewer stated they were aloud up on rooftop bar whilst holiday guests were enjoying a relaxing drink until they all bombarded in . AVOID AT All COST . Don’t ever write reviews on holidays as there generally good but not this one and I felt the need to make people aware . Management of this hotel need to pull there socks up and think of all the guests who’ve paid out a lot of money to spend there money at this place . Just glad I’m home and it’s over with now


av Sandra D Knebworth, Storbritannia

Complete disappointment!

We stayed here in September 2021, and loved the tranquil setting and how relaxed we came back feeling. In fact we booked to return in 2022 while we were still on holiday! BIG MISTAKE! We have been here for 10 days and can’t wait to leave and escape what can only be described as a Corporate Venue. This lovely hotel is no longer for Adults Only, peace and nature seeking guests, but for up to 50 corporate guests for loud partying, music thumping, microphone announcing business guests! Holiday guests have to fit in where ever possible, but are sadly not a priority. On top of that, I must mention that the food has been appalling! What a complete waste of our hard earned money! We will not be returning and will definitely stop recommending what started out as a lovely experience. The Managing Director needs to make an apology, to all those of us who wasted our money!


av lewisl698


Firstly hotel very clean and stylish. Staff very nice friendly and helpful. But I definitely would not pay my hard earned money to stay here again . Food is appalling , and there’s nowhere close by to eat out so we we’re living off chips and soup . Breakfast is always cold and not really edible . Now my main gripe whilst here they have a conference booked here whilst we’re on holiday apparently a pharmaceutical company and it’s absolutely disgraceful what we’re witnessing. There in a conference room all day and it must start early. So your getting woken up by there clapping. Then the sunbathing area everything outdoors is set up for them for there break to venture outside for coffee cakes and snacks . Whilst there having the break people are TRYING to relax and sunbathe and these clowns about 50 of them are walking in between sun beds smoking talking on their mobiles very loud whilst people are on there annual break . Secondly the people who’ve paid good money are being treated like second class citizens so this company are being looked after with better dining and waited on . Thirdly the rooftop bar we’re they have a dj was congregated by this company people who we’re already up there relaxing on there holiday we’re picking themselves up and leaving as this crowd we’re entering as the noise was shocking and you couldn’t hear yourself speak . My husband went the bar for a drink couldn’t get back to his seat as these loud mouth people would not move out the way . A glass was knocked out of his hand smashed everywhere, he just got glared at as if he was on another planet by these loud intrusive so called professional people. Lastly signs are now put up saying holiday guests cannot use rooftop bar because this company have it for the evening and we’re not allowed up there , but it’s fine for them to bombard it whilst holiday makers are using the facility on there holiday . Think it’s a disgrace and we’ve put it forward to the manager but at the end of the day money talks . I would most definitely not use this hotel again and advise anyone not to hand there money over to them there’s thousands of hotels better with better food and treat holiday makers with respect rather than letting companies pay mega money and literally take over the complex. This has sadly ruined our holiday . The conference staying at the hotel are rude abrupt no manners or courtesy for the other guests relaxing on holiday whilst there walking in between sun beds talking loudly on mobile phones and smoking cigarettes. One last thing they have background music throughout the day that stopped for this conference on each day they were here once the meeting was over the music was put back on . DISGRACEFUL


av Dympna L ireland

4 Day September Break

Just back from a wonderful 4 day break at AP Cabanas Beach & Nature. We were a group of 6 ladies escaping the rat-race of work, school and kids! Loved this hotel. From the moment we arrived we were met with friendly, helpful staff. Fabulous decor throughout the hotel, excellent facilities including 2 pools, a spa and gym. Spotlessly clean. We had ground floor rooms with a lovely outside are to sunbathe. We have stayed in this area many times. The hotel is roughly a 10 minute walk to the beautiful Cabanas village, or 10 minutes in a taxi to Tavira. Can't wait to go back!