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7,1 / 10
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6,8 / 10
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6,7 / 10
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5 av 10

God beliggenhet, god service.
Best havutsikt, fikk havgløtt. Trange rom. Veldig tette balkonger, ingen privatliv ute. Lite variert mat til middagsbuffen. Veldig lite utvalg i all inclusiv i baren. Stranda m solsenger var delvis under vannflata.

Bekreftet gjest: 2022-06-19

8 av 10

Rolig og avslappende atmosfære, hyggelig betjening.

Bekreftet gjest: 2022-06-18

6 av 10

Nærhet til Strand
Dårlig mat, rommene kunne være litt bredere utstyrt. Kunne gjæren vært mere glass

Bekreftet gjest: 2022-06-18

7 av 10

Nytt og delikat.

Bekreftet gjest: 2022-06-12

7 av 10

Fin beliggenhet
Trappetrinn var for høye og mangel på heis ved transport.

Bekreftet gjest: 2022-06-11

6 av 10

Litt mer variert kost.

Bekreftet gjest: 2022-06-04

8 av 10


Bekreftet gjest: 2022-05-28

4 av 10


Bekreftet gjest: 2022-05-21

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  • 3,5/5 Sovekvalitet
  • 4/5 Rom
  • 4/5 Service
  • 4,5/5 Verdi
  • 4,5/5 Renslighet

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av Vickii66

Half term break

Lovely modern hotel, clean rooms and communal areas, helpful staff, great location. Food was really yummy and although some bits were consistent, there was always something new to try. Weather was perfect (28-30 degrees) and we always got a lounger by the pool, which was hardly used! Billy on the bar was fantastic and if you look after him he will look after you. We would stay here again.


av Markyp66 Leeds, Storbritannia

First trip for a while

The Mare Boutique was excellent, great value and great service. The rooms were clean and modern, the staff were amazing and always polite and friendly, they couldn't do enough to help. The food for all inclusive was really good, great breakfast, lunches and evening meals, there was always something to our tastes. I wish I could name all of the staff the team in the restaurant were brilliant and Billy was the greatest barman I think I have ever met. This was out first post covid trip and we were a little apprehensive but everything was perfect and we will definitely go back


av anastasiamihai

Perfect location and amazing bartender

I was here with my best friend and we loved everything. We’re both young (20), but I wouldn’t say that it’s a youth/party hotel, it has a calm atmosphere. The beach is literally outside the hotel, but I recommend laying on the sun beds of the sister hotel (which are free, as well as their bar). Our bartender Billy (Vasilis) was probably the highlight of our entire stay, he had amazing service and was loved by EVERYONE. It’s a great hotel but it would never be the same without him, so I definitely recommend sitting in front of him at the bar on the nights that you have time for it. You won’t regret it. Besides the beach you’re close to the town square and a bus station, so there’s plenty of opportunity to do other things than stay at the beach. I personally recommend Rethymno which has a lot more night life. However, beware that the buses go on their on weird schedule (they could be both 20 minutes early or late). The food was also great, a lot of variety and things to choose from.


av YourWonderland London, Storbritannia

AVOID at all cost. No one speaks English and it is a one big OVERPRICED disappointment.

I am writing to you to show my disappointment after 10 days of which should be an amazing holidays and turned out to be huge disappointment especially that it was my first all inclusive holidays in my life and first one that i have booked with you. Let me start from the beginning with a delayed flight for over hour and a half I understand that sometimes it is a higher power that is not relevant from you and nothing that you can do about it but still no support from the airlines or any message from you that the flight is delayed or any offer for your customers. Pass that when we have landed there was no agent on the airport that would greet us, anyway we finally made it to the hotel. On the arrival after 2 am in the morning we have been given a glass of high in sugar lemonade [exactly what I needed (not to go to sleep)]. We have been as well asked to pay a local tourism tax that when we booked it was written on the website that supposed to be already paid in the price of the booking. We have been provided with a all inclusive bands (that due to my previous messages on your portal i have been told we would have to paid for the spirits extra…) I was surprised with that but i wanted to see how the story goes. Then the receptionist showed us to the room in the back of the property. Once the door opened we straight away asked for a two twin beds not a double bed when gentleman said that unfortunately this night it has to be here and tomorrow we can change it so we had asked for another duvet and went to sleep or what we have hoping for. At 4:30 am in the morning we have been woke up for the first time… As much we both do not have problems with sleep the unbearable sound of the roosters did not let us sleep that was carry on until 8 am in the morning! I am not gonna lie that was not the only problem. The poor design of the room managed to make it an absolute sauna out of it. The sun that was blighting up the toilet separated from the rest of the room with a glass door was lighting up the whole room that doesn’t allow us to sleep from early hours same as the rooster with a Dolby surround from one side to another. When i finally lost my temper of the continuously on going sound of the rooster at 6:30 I’ve decided to twist the head of that bloody animal and I have tried to open the balcony door to locate it. Then it turned out there is a whole farm in front of the balcony on the back of the hotel. I stood speechless. And suddenly I gave up as I could not catch them all. If that’s not enough at 5:30 we heard all the ongoing conversations of the staff arriving to work and bumping things on the staircase and their conversations in the reception. With the first night that supposed to be a night in paradise with another 9 night of relax my nerves were in pieces. We both decided to brush our teeth and go for breakfast. We left the room. As I already did not sleep all night I have decided I am not going to speak to a member of staff with empty stomach. We hit the restaurant located on the first floor… greeted by the staff and saw the buffet quite frankly lacking in food (was after 7am…) if that is not enough whatever i took from it and by whatever i mean fried eggs bread scramble eggs everything was cold. The only thing that had any temperature that i could say was warm was hot water for the tea and coffee. Sausages looked burned and overcooked. The beans were more sticky that you could barely take them out from the bowl. Anyway i could write another essay about that but let me come back to it later on. We ate what we could and hit the reception desk. We mentioned that first of all we will not stay in the room that you have allocated us 211. The receptionist immediately turn his head down (as he knew what’s the issue). We mentioned a bloody farm of chickens in front of our balcony, he apologised saying that he can not change our room but with my words that i will contact you as the holiday provider i rather book a ticket and go back home that stay in that bloody room being waken up in a hot as hell heated by the sun room and accompanied by the sounds of the rooster, gent said that he will call his supervisor as he is the only person that can authorise that. After a brief while he said that he can show us a different room, so we went on a journey with him. once we walked in to the room we have decided that we would like to take it. We have been told that it will take around 15-20 minutes to sort this out and then we can move. We came back to our room and start packing our things. My companion decided that maybe we can chill by the pool and enjoy the sun already and maybe try to sleep a bit but then another thing occurred. When we packed all the things and I have tried to loc the balcony door that has been located just on the grand floor it turned out that the doors are not locking… So basically everyone could walk in to the room from the street during the day or night and take whatever they want (especially that was written when we check in that the hotel does not take any responsibility for any belongings left in the room). I was shocked and scared at that time that first of all we slept there one night already second of all we have left all our belongings for one hours of eating breakfast not aware of it. Luckily nothing was missing but at this stage I did not wanted to leave the room leaving all my belongings unattended. I have mentioned that to the man in the reception and he kind of acknowledge the fact. Turned out that we lost one hour to change the room as it wasn’t ready in 15-20 minutes. Anyway we made it. On the way to the new room I had to sign a document mentioning the room change (kind of funny, I did not hide my laugh at the reception desk, because who sober with a straight forward thinking mind stay in a room with broken balcony door providing zero security and farm of roosters) I am going to skip more details because otherwise i will write a book and I am already on essay long complaint about this stay. The day after when we finally slept we walked out from the room and the terrible odour hit our noses. We both looked on each other like if not the freakin’ roosters then we woke up and smell god know what it was a Shambo or garbages. We decided that we can not be bothered any more and anyway the guy in the reception every time he saw us he already felt stressed and try to run away with his eyes. We took the only set of towels (white) we had in our room to go and chill and get some sun by the pool. After an hour a crazy lady walk in to the pool when i was wearing my headphone with a silent mode sand start screaming on us and other couple that she is a house keeping manager and that those towels are not for the pool as she can not wash them afterwards and if we want a pool towels then we need to go to the reception. Well thank you for providing us information in the most rude way by screaming on all over the pool. I do I not have a hearing problem but i had a silenced headphones on me and i could still hear that crazy woman. Well guess what, I went to the reception. Guy said that the towels required a deposit of 20 euro. SO i hit back to the room and gave him 100 euros and he looked at me like i am some kind of mafioso. Like he never saw 100 euros in his life. I felt like I come from a different planet. Obviously i did not get the towels so you know what at this stage i decided to use the white towels and if later on i would get a change of money I would get those. When the day finish I did not managed to do that. So the day after my companion decided to go to the reception and get the towels again no change from 100 euros so she beg the guy for the towel as she did not want to deal with that crazy woman again, and he did (to my surprise). When i went to take another one i gave him finally after receiving a change 20 euros when he said to me its 20 euros for one towel (i laughed like the stupid towel cost almost the same as the price of gold). Well we pretty much had everything we wanted. Pretty much. We got back to our new lovely room with stinky smell once walking in to it and the smell on the balcony. Turned out the lovely house keeping did not do the job properly and we were missing soap to wash our hands gel shampoo and hair conditioner. Honestly I do travel not a lot but all the time all over the world. And i never stayed in a 4 star hotel that had such a poor services and facilities. In the room when we changed it and supposed to be as a fresh new room the toiletries were missing. The hotel does not provide a hair comb, slippers (especially that the 4 star hotel rooms has tiles not the carpet), bath ropes, tissues, tooth brushes or a simple tooth paste, sanitary bags second pair of spare towels and extra deposit paid beach towels. On top of that in the room the smoke detector has been damaged, that is a serious health and safety violation. If I have to tell about the food in the “RESTAURANT” I will make it very short. Most of the time whatever was in there was missing the basic spices and the food for most of the time was cold or the fish was undercooked. Simply chef to be replaced ASAP. As most of the time we have been only using a simply vegetables from the salad bar with olive oil and making our own dressing. If you are vegan as couple guests we have met during our stay in that what so ever is called a HOTEL you are screwed… Even though they knew there are Vegan guests that staying for over a week they made no effort what so ever to accommodate them… I was vegan myself and i am currently flexitarian I have found that shocking. The only thing that was acceptable was breakfast if you have no preferences on how do you like your eggs because even such a simple pleasure on how you start your day was ruined. Not to be only on a negative side i have to complement the bread rolls for breakfast that have been absolutely outstanding and fresh everyday… and that is pretty mulch the only thing that keep us survive through the stay. Honestly for a 4 star hotel its missing more than that. Well… on top of that from our arrival I can name 2 and a half people that were speaking English. One was the general manager I guess the other one the receptionist that every time i wanted something he tried to accommodate but due to unpleasant first night later on become a bit scared of us (got knows why). Sports & Entertainment The hotel has a lovely outdoor swimming pool (salt water) and a sunny terrace with sunbeds and umbrellas. For a spot of wellness, guests can visit the Fereniki Holiday Resort & Spa and enjoy their facilities including massage services, a Jacuzzi and a sauna (extra charge). In regards of that formulated description on the advertisement offer… well that has nothing in common on what the actual the swimming pool side looks like. The water in the pool on whatever it says it is NOT a salt water. If that is not enough… its FREAKIN ICE COLD… like its an ice cooler cold… nothing compares, unless you like me been to a North Pole… then maybe. And there is just 6 (broken that needs to be replaced) pool beds. So basically whoever is first gets to take them (if you are an early bird) other than that you can go and enjoy at most miserable rocky and disgusting with all the dirts Georgoupolis beach has to offer. The left over from the sun beds 4 extremely damaged is a joke. The photos they are showing you on the website are most likely from the early 2000 because certainly not from the 2021… The disappointment from the arrival from first night of not sleeping, miserable cold food. Communication problems with non speaking English or any other language staff in a hotel leaving nothing else than shut that facility down and sort all the issues but well in Greece i believe things are working different way. I am very much disappointed with my stay in there and would not return under any circumstances.


av sasha_jr86 Salford, Storbritannia

Great location and delicious food!

Lovely, clean and the staff are amazing. Very friendly and will do anything to make sure youre having a pleasant stay. The food is lush! Big thumbs up to the chef for cooking delicious local cuisine at mealtimes. Location is great, right on the beach. Also big love to Billy in the bar! You rock! We loved this hotel so much, we rebooked to go back in a few weeks!