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7,7 / 10
7,7 / 10
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7,7 / 10
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Omgivelser med vegetasjon.
Frokost, bedre senger, varmtvann i vasken/badet og rengjøring.

Bekreftet gjest: 2020-01-13

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  • 4,5/5 Sted
  • 4/5 Sovekvalitet
  • 4/5 Rom
  • 4/5 Service
  • 4/5 Verdi
  • 4/5 Renslighet

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av Pradeep_Srigadhi

Best Resort Bellflower Alidia Beach Resort

Good resort and hospitality at Bellflower Alidia Beach Resort baga. We enjoyed our stay at this place and we will will be back.. Near by titos lane , baga Beach and many more places to enjoy. Best resort..


av atuld2022

CHEATING, Fraud and Gross Misconduct by The Manager of This Hotel Mr Prem. Please Do Not Book This Hotel -

CHEATING & FRAUD. Duping customer, threat GROSS MISCONDUCT by Hotel GM Mr PREM, who has a criminal like attitude. Even though he acts very polite and seems to be a very sophisticated guy from the outset, he is an extremely ARROGANT & DANGEROUS individual. Please read this entire episode and stay away from this Fraudulent guy - MR PREM -who has utter disregard for customer, specially females.He started yelling and screaming and then becomes normal within seconds.Very unstable THIS WAS THE WORST HOTEL I HAD EVER STAYED IN MY ENTIRE LIFESPAN OF 35 YEARS. My family had a horrifying experience staying at this property which is managed by a very arrogant and high headed individual known as Mr Prem. He is running this place as some kind of Jail.Here is my experience. I personally walked in to this hotel on 3rd Jan 22, around 5:30 AM in the morning. I met with a guy who has recently joined this hotel as a reception staff. He connected with me with the General Manager of the hotel known as Mr Prem over a phone call, I requested this guy for an early check in for 4 guest for one night booking from 3rd Jan to 4th Jan. He agreed to give is early check in on 3rd ( around 6 AM). The check out date which was agreed was obviously 4th of Jan. I paid 3400 INR each room for 2 rooms for 2 couples and produced ID card for every individual. We checked in and slept. Around 7 AM when I came out of room after a short nap, he introduced me and asked that I need to pay another 6000 (in cash) for early check in for 3rd Jan. I said, that's not what we agreed and he sarcastically answered " what proof do you have that I agreed to give you an early check in"? I said, we had a phone call, i paid the amount as agreed and you let me in. What is this extra money for? He said " I do not recall stating that". I was astonished. How can someone do such an act. He completely changed his narrative and said " I can give you a discount if you agree to pay me in Cash INR 4000. I thought I don't want to spoil my vacation as my wife would be frown upon me for Booking such a hotel where they cheat customers like this so i paid the amount but not in cash ( made an online transaction). I asked for a receipt which was denied by this Fraud GM Mr Prem. He said " it would have been better had you paid in Cash" and he left. The Horror Show started after that. My visitor male co workers who has booked another hotel was stopped and asked to leave the premises on pretext that " Visitors are not allowed". This was the same friend who was allowed to visit a day before but since I didn't not pay the extra money in cash to this Cheat GM, he started making issues. In the evening when I reached out to this GM for pathetic wifi network ( the wifi connection gets so week that it doesn't even show up on your phone when you move away from reception). He said I can work from reception ( which is a fairly small place). He said, if I don't like the wifi speed then I can leave this place. I protested for such rude remark and he started hurling abused and said " DO What you want to do" , he can do whatever he wants, I asked him to connect to his owner to which he responded, "I am the owner" I can throw you off my property if I want to. My wife can down and he started misbehaving with her as well. We had to call the police control room due to this threatening behaviour. Later at night Mr Prem, the GM of this hotel sent one guard and one housekeeping staff at 12AM midnight, who stormed my wife's room and started threatening her. She started yelling at the guard and he quickly ran away. I was at the Waga beach when this event happened. Next morning we called Police and confronted the manager for his extremely dangerous behaviour. Police advised us to open a complaint against the GM who conspired this cheating and made our life miserable for 1 whole day. What a pathetic guy, what a cheat.


av aniketrt

Great place, modern rooms, friendly staff – all right on Baga

Although Alidia had just opened back up after the lockdown, everything was as you'd want it to be – well maintained premises and clean rooms. The place itself is quite beautiful and the rooms are really cosy yet well-equipped in terms of amenities. We couldn't enjoy the swimming pool and on-site restrobar as they weren't allowed to open, but I would definitely go live at Alidia again to experience them. Big shoutout to Sohail, the manager, who was always ready to help us with anything we needed and had a friendly smile and demeanor at all times! Overall, loved Alidia.


av JanetT326 Vancouver, B.C., Canada

Mixed experience

This was a reasonable place to stay. It's not really cottages . . . or if there are cottages, I didn't see them. I saw two fairly large blocks containing multiple rooms. I found breakfast a little vexing. The included breakfast consists of white toast, jam, butter, a glass of fresh juice, and coffee or tea. One wouldn't think that this would be time-consuming or difficult to produce, but it was remarkably slow. There was also no choice. When I was there, they seemed to be alternating between pineapple juice and watermelon juice from day-to-day. You can also order additional items from the menu and I asked for fresh orange juice. I was told that it was out of season. However, I was easily able to get fresh orange juice at nearby restaurants. Another issue was the towels, which were thin and a bit grubby looking. They were also only refreshed every two days. I appreciate the environmental concern, but in a place with a pool and where people need to shower and clean up after returning from the beach, I would have liked to be given the option. (When I asked, I was given fresh towels, but somewhat reluctantly.) Also, be aware that the beach is a bit further than expected (though not far) and it's not an especially pleasant walk (litter and marginal housing). One bottle of wqter was provided at check-in. Not replaced on a daily basis. I also had concerns about security. You are asked to leave your key when going out, but the key area is unsecured in the reception area, which is often unattended. They have separate small lockers for valuables in the reception area, with a two-key system. This was all right but required the presence of a staff member for the second key. There wasn't always a staff person around although the wait was never long.


av 829rogera Örebro

God stay

Ok place close to the beach, the room we got was quite small. The breakfast we got was 2 slices of toast with butter and jam coffee and and a small glass of juice. It's close to the restaurants and beach. The pool is small but clean. A lot of moskitos at the reception where the only wifi is available.