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  • 4,5/5 Sted
  • 4,5/5 Sovekvalitet
  • 4,5/5 Rom
  • 4,5/5 Service
  • 4,5/5 Verdi
  • 4,5/5 Renslighet

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av bax38 Newmarket, Storbritannia

Nydelig, men de mannlige ansatte er uhøflige

Melas Holiday Village er ekstremt rent, personalet gjør rent inne og ute hele dagen. Vi var veldig heldige som fikk et helt nytt rom, som var flaks. Snakket med et annet engelsk par som hadde et gammelt rom, det var ikke veldig bra, hele stedet skal stenges i fem måneder for å gjøre forbedringer. Feriestedet ser ut til å være fullt av tyskere og russere som er ekstremt uhøflige, knapt noen engelskmenn. De mannlige ansatte henger over dem og snakker til dem på tysk og russisk i påvente av mye tips. De snakker lite engelsk. Måtte vente og vente på drikke til måltidene og på at tallerkene skulle ryddes før neste rett. Vi syntes de kvinnelige stuepikene osv. var ekstremt høflige. Vi var ekstremt heldige som fikk gå på gallamiddag, som var fantastisk og gratis, men ikke hver uke, mer som en bankett med forestillinger og live band og iskrem-forestilling, som hadde en skikkelig wow-faktor. Forhåpentligvis når alt arbeidet er gjort vil alle rommene være av samme standard som vårt. Ha en herlig ferie, nyt.


av aleksandral2018 Beograd, Serbia

Tips tips tips

Very nice looking hotel, nice rooms, clean, housekeeping is nice aa well. Food is absolutely not eatable, so as drinks. The only thing good is turkish coffe and french fries. So deffinitely not worh “all inclusive”. Beer only has the smell of beer, but you’re actually drinking water.The other thing that is pretty anoying is that waiters are constantly above tour heads waiting for the tip. To me, that is outrageous and shameful. Also on the beach people can steal your towels and sunbeds, and noone will do anything about it because they don’t care, they only care about the tip. And ofcourse, noone speaks english :) It has a good potencial, but would not recommend.


av MylaRuda Kiev, Ukraina

Nice place for vacation with kids

Our holidays was wonderful during this strange season with covid-19. Hotel includes pools, tennis court, beautiful gsrden, different activities and professional personal. We'll happy to return this place again:)


av Q9705TAmiaw

If you want to feel safe during Covid don’t come here

Currently on our last day here and let me be as honest as possible with you. Let’s start with the positives the rooms are modern and clean, the waiting staff are fantastic! By the end of our trip they remember our names and drinks orders, the entertainment staff were fab they always had little activities to keep you busy throughout the day and created such a great energy. I never caught his name but the guy who does the water gym needs a pay rise! He was always smiling dancing and making sure the guests were always happy nothing was too much to ask. The pool was lovely and clean big and the evening entertainment was okay. CONS:My party and I have been key workers and have worked throughout the whole of this pandemic (the reason for this trip a well earned break was needed) on arrival the receptionist mentioned about wearing your mask when walking around the hotel, when near big groups and in the restaurant this was followed by ourselves however this cannot be the same for the rest of the guests in the hotel, no one wore masks and even when they were worn in the restaurant they were either placed on there chins or bought down to say what food they wanted (pointless if you ask me). at no point did staff remind guests to put their masks back on nor were there reminders to put masks back on, which led to feeling unsafe when we were anywhere but our hotel room. We had mentioned this to the receptionist to which she said “we tell them on check in so if we’ve told them then we don’t have to no more” we then wanted to speak to someone higher as to us that wasn’t good enough. the guy higher up then promised people would be reminded to put masks back on but this wasn’t the case. If you looked around the hotel you wouldn’t even think there was a pandemic going on- people not keeping distance, no one hand sanitising. When going to the restaurant you were told to get our temps checked when entering however this wasn’t consistent and more than a couple of times did they just tell us to walk in with NO checks. The food is unfortunately another negative it’s very repetitive, bland and oily, imo We also used the massage facilities and I really wish we didn’t in the end! I walked in there with no pain (just wanted to treat myself) walked out with immense pain my shoulder. I mentioned this to the guy straight away at the time he kindly told me to come back tomorrow if it still hurt. I rang back the next day as the pain in my shoulder meant I couldn’t sleep they got me in at 9:30 that morning for them to do a 2 minute treatment and then tried to give me a mysterious tablet to take but wouldn’t say exactly what is was when asked. Still in a lot of pain things got heated as the guy on reception then began to call us a liar and had an extremely bad attitude (bully like) as soon I told them it still hurt. All in all lovely hotel and facilities however the lack of control towards their Covid procedures, repetitive and bland food and terrible customer service at the spa brings the stay to a dull experience.


av km10101010 London Colney, Storbritannia

summer holiday 2019

Great location, feels very safe lovely, and clean. Great facilities. Al a carte restaurant especially the Turkish very nice.Buffett restaurant lots of choices The rooms were nice and modern comfortable beds. there is a lot of steps around the hotel if you have mobility issues.