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  • 4,5/5 Sted
  • 4,5/5 Sovekvalitet
  • 4,5/5 Rom
  • 4,5/5 Service
  • 4/5 Verdi
  • 4,5/5 Renslighet

87% anbefaler hotellet

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av Benedicte T

Perfekt for luksus på bryllupsreise til en OK pris

Vi hadde deler av vår bryllupsreise her. God service av personalet, meget god og variert mat både til frokost og middag (som vi hadde inkludert). På onsdager var det gratis sunset cruise, veldig hyggelig. Flotte rom! Damene som jobbet på spa-avdelingen var så flinke!! Anbefaler par-behandlingen hvis man er på bryllupsreise ❤️


av Evybj Vestfold, Norge

Topp hotell på Praslin

Vi bodde her i 5 netter, ikke fullt hotell, herlig avslappende. Vi hadde halvpensjon, flott frokost og rikholdig middagsbuffet. Restauranten ligger i sjøkanten, tett på bølgebruset. Behagelige solstoler, flotte strender som er perfekte for litt mosjon:). Vi gikk en time hver dag. Spaet kan virkelig anbefales!! Daglig aktiviteter for dem som vil røre på seg.


av Isabela V Bucureşti, Romania

A location that is not deserving of 4* in any way, shape or form

The rat in the villa, internet wasn’t by any means high speed, breakfast/dinner were nothing to write home about, no entertainment, the lack of communication regarding the services mediated by the hotel (for local trips/experiences and such) and a really slow way of dealing with any request. The only strong point, the neighbors from Whitetips Divers (scuba diving) - who offered us the only memorable experience. Even though I received a feedback form at the end of my stay at Paradise Sun, as I specified in the form left at the location, I wish to leave a much more visible review to those who want to come here, so that they don't harbor any false hope, both relating to Seychelles or to PSH I will point those details out below and I hope the top management will consider on improving the experience as soon as possible, so that other tourists do not fall into the same trap as us. 1. You have to arm yourself with a lot of patience right from the beginning. Checking-in is a drawn out endeavour. Most of the tourists who come here, come after long flights and their first wish is to just settle down, take a shower, rest a little and then go to the beach. Even if the check-in is at a specific time, the reception check-in management, even if it is respected from the point of view of the time, is done so slowly by the hotel employees that it is inevitable that you end up going over the check-in time. 2. The cleanliness in the villa for which we paid for an upgrade for was at a 7. We got over the gecko infiltrating the room and not letting us sleep. Out of respect for the local fauna, I did not comment on this aspect, that we were initially warned about. But SOMETHING that exceeded all expectations for a 4* hotel: the huge rat that infiltrated the room. We immediately notified the reception and we were moved to another villa, but also, in a process that happened at a snail’s pace. I received a massage and a bottle of wine as compensation, a massage that was given just for the sake of it. No determination, no therapeutic pleasure, strictly complacent. 3. We do not recommend booking anything through the hotel (except maybe renting bicycles) - And above all, do not include the trip to Curieuse Island and St Pierre by boat in your plans. It was a fiasco. A fiasco for which I paid. Normally, for such a trip that you book ahead of time, it is common sense to communicate details in advance. We didn't leave on time (approx. 1 hour delay) and only when we arrived on Curieuse was the schedule verbally communicated to us. Staying for 3 hours and waiting for 30 minutes of snorkelling in St Pierre was beyond my imagination. There is nothing exciting to do on Curieuse except walking (it's an arid island, a few turtles, and otherwise a rancid smell amplified by the high heat). The snorkelling equipment that I asked about in advance, if it was necessary, if it was good, etc... it was not like that - at least mine - the mask, in particular, did not suit me so in the end, despite my complaints, I abandoned it, I took my swimming goggles left on the boat and...I swam. Only at the end did we understand why our neighbors came with equipment from home! They probably knew something! 4. I do wish to recommend something, namely going scuba diving at Whitetips Divers. It was well worth the experience with them, which I repeated 2 days in a row. They are professionals and truly passionate about what they are providing. 5. The Internet works when it wants, not when we wanted or needed it. Creole style. Slow, very slow, extremely slow. 6. Breakfast/Dinner - I didn't understand why, specifying that we always wanted to be in the outside area, where smoking was also allowed, we were always told that that specific seating area was full, even though it was visible that there were always free tables. We were invariably invited to the bar, for consumption, until a table was available...even though they were already empty before we had arrived. The food is bland, nothing spectacular. 7. Just as a fun fact: I ordered a beer at the pool - it came with one price on the receipt. When ordering the same brand, but only 30 minutes later, we noticed that it came with a different price. They had raised the price over that short period of time.Funny, isn't it? 8. Entertainment - almost nonexistent, even if there were guest bands. The sound system left a lot to be desired, as did the interpretative style, which is less catchy for European audiences. Only in one of the evenings was there an entertainment that would get the tourists off their seats. I think it was one of the moments appreciated by everyone. At least that's how it seemed! 9. To end the review, even if Seychelles will never be on our list of destinations again: greater attention towards the paying customer is the saving grace of tourism in the present times. In a domain with so many options for destinations, competition is fierce and, currently, I would say that Seychelles is definitely falling behind a lot of other destinations(which are also a lot better price wise), that bend over backwards to make sure that their paying guests actually have an unforgettable experience. And not just an average one, for double the price.


av Seaside57260017340

A great experience

A great exotic experience in a superb location. The services and food were perfect by smiling and friendly people. Very tasty Creole-specific food, with a superb view of the ocean. The staff is friendly and professional.


av Roam15164538334

Great resort and superb service

Great resort and superb service. Spent 3 nights here as part of our honeymoon. Hotel arranged a surprise beach dining experience one of the nights which was very nice. Water equipment is free to use and we enjoyed a morning of paddle boarding and snorkling to a nearby island. Excursions were easily arranged by the hotel and pick up and drop off were on the beach. Overall great service and a really enjoyable stay.