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Innlegg av Melissa C Preston, Storbritannia


Where do I start?! On arrival there were no staff available- we were promised arrival food and drinks but we had to wait half an hour at 11.30pm at night after a full afternoon of travelling with 2 young toddlers to be told we could only have some pizza (which wasn’t worth waiting for)- not a great start! From here the hotel got worse and worse. We were expected to stay in a TINY room with a travel cot and a camp bed squashed next to our bed with no room to walk around. We complained and after hours of messing around our rooms were swapped but weren’t much better (photos of this have been uploaded) WIFI doesn’t work. Staff are all RUDE!!! One man in particular the Food and Beverage manager was the most disgustingly rude human I’ve ever come across. He needs to spend more time on sorting his hideous food out and less time being rude to guests!!! On one occasion (too many to write about) but this particular time it was our first day and in my sisters room there were no signs to say we weren’t allowed to use hotel towels on Sunbeds so she took her towel out that day. She fell asleep on the sunbed and was woken by a man shouting ‘WAKE UP’ in her face and he pulled the towel from under her. We were in complete shock and he then carried on shouting abuse at her as he walked off. There were many more occasions that this man was rude but it seems he wasn’t the only one who had no manners and didn’t know how to treat the guests as the majority of staff were rude and unhelpful!!! Sunbeds- if you don’t get up before 6am and reserve a sunbed then you won’t get one!! I think it’s awful that the hotel allow people to reserve Sunbeds but it’s even worse that they don’t have enough Sunbeds to accommodate the amount of guests they have staying there!!! One day we couldn’t get a sunbed as we decided to have a lie in until 7am so we had to go to the beach for the day only to find we had to pay for them even though it’s a private beach?! it wasn’t our fault there wasn’t enough Sunbeds at the hotel so we were forced to pay for Sunbeds for the day- just ridiculous. 8 euros per bed per day!!!!!!!! So we paid 40 euros as a family because the hotel couldn’t provide us with sunbeds!! As mentioned before the food and beverage manager should be spending more time focusing on the quality of his food. The food here was horrendous. We paid for an inclusive holiday but spent 90% of our 10 days eating out at near by restaurants. The quality of food was disgusting and wasn’t cooked properly our chicken was raw on one night and another night our pork was PINK (see photos) we were all ill at some point after eating this hotel food. There was variety it was so repetitive and boring same standard crappy food each day. There was NO options for my 1 & 3 year old we really struggled to find anything for them and ended up having to pay to eat out each time. There were snacks provided at certain times through out the day but they were dry sandwiches left out for hours with flies lingering around them. THERE WAS NO BAR. (See photos) there were no staff on the so called ‘bar’ which was a counter with a few bottles behind it. The kids pool was absolutely filthy (see photos) There was no Adequate filtration system. The air con outside was leaking leaving the outsides floors wet and slippery not ideal with 2 young children. The air con in rooms was so noisy- it worked fine but far too noisy. The wooden floorboards outside aren’t properly maintained and are dangerous with screws sticking out. My partner complained many times to reception and management but it was always brushed under the carpet. One positive about this hotel is that it’s close to the nearby town with bars and restaurants (which you will need if you stay here) Just to top our experience with this hotel off, we asked for a late check out and were told it would be an extra charge which we were fine with. We were desperate for a room for the day as we were flying at 1am the next morning with a 1 & 3 year old and a diabetic but of course they couldn’t help us as there was no room so we had to sort ourselves out and ended up paying for a room for the HOTEL NEXT DOOR as our own hotel couldn’t accommodate us ONCE AGAIN!!! This hotel really did ruin our holiday and we are a young family who never ever complain and understand things happen but there was no excuse for our horrible experience here. Gutted is an understatement.


Innlegg av JlJ89 Hillsborough, Storbritannia

Lutania Beach September 2019

Hi all, this review is based on two late 20 year olds from N. Ireland. Read this if you want a balanced but honest review of this hotel!! ARRIVAL; So our first impressions upon arriving were extremely poor! We arrived late at approx 2300 and we weren't welcomed by anyone at reception for a further 10 minutes. We were met by a male wearing a track suit [assumed as the receptionist] stating that we had to go stay in another hotel for the first night. The receptionist excuse was that there was a 'water issue'. Both my partner and myself believed we received a placid and just deal with it attitude. We were then provided with a lift to a hotel within the same resort by a hotel worker in a vehicle.  From comments made by her, receptionist and the receptionists at the new hotel we were left with the impression this occurrance was common-place. In order to compensate, the hotel offered 3 days of free sunbeds on the beach (saving €24), however upon utlising this offer we realised that during the day many of the beach sunbeds were vacant irrespective of the offer. Again this was a little frustrating, as it gave the perception of a disingenuous apology. After the three days we primarily used our own lilo's around the pool, which was free and guaranteed spot. ALL INCLUSIVE; Prior and during the booking of this hotel, we had a understanding that food and drink was all inclusive. Upon arriving it was made clear to us very quickly that during the day [0900-1800] the only alcoholic drinks avaliable were self service local beer, cartoned wine, along with your usual soft drinks. Myself and my partner where displeased by this as we have spent alot of money on an all inclusive holiday, only to find that we have to drink beer from small paper cups, to which the novelty wains quickly. Drinking beer and wine is fine for a few days but being here for 2 weeks the novelty soon wears off and you just fancy a cocktail at 2pm which you can't get. On a positive note, the food was lovely and always different, the bar staff were very friendly and always chatty. They served nice cocktails from 1800 to 2400. Everything was always very clean and nice selection of food to choose from. POOL AREA: The pool is lovely, clean, tidy and spacious. Sunbeds are slightly scarse which makes it difficult to get a daily sunbed, however the beach is directly behind the pool area which several sunbeds available (€8 per day). The beach is stoney, however we were aware of this. Overall the hotel is a perfect location to the beach with beautiful views. LOCATION: Lutania Beach Hotel is quite far from Rhodes old town (approximately 40 minutes by bus). There are local shops but only one or two. Myself and my partner got the Kolymbia Tours bus to and from Rhodes old town which was organised through the hotel (specifically on a Tuesday and Friday night). This service was always promptly on time and didn't cost too much. However, if you wish to go to Falaraki, old town etc any other day and want to catch a local bus, be prepared for it driving past you. From the impression from the receptionist staff this happens often and you have to rely on the taxi services. There is good excursions from the Island going to Lindos and Symi Island which were both beautiful and very pleasant days out. ENTERTAINMENT: When myself and my partner first arrived there were many nights were we enjoyed the hotel night time entertainment. From dancing to singing, we found this enjoyable. However, after being here for two weeks, it is apparrent that the entertainment is the same genre all the time. The same songs, same outfits even down to the same phrases they use, which doesn't feel enjoyable or genuine. Considering this hotel is far away from everything other than the beach, you would expect the entertainment to be very good quality every night. Some nights were simply bingo or music quizz which the staff at the pool conducted. I don't blame them as they are simply trying to do their best, but this attitude of repeating the same entertainment day in day out is unsatisfying. Sometimes loud entertainment starts when your still eating your dinner which is frustrating when you just want to enjoy a conversation with your partner whilst eating and then this can finish as early as 2200 and your night feels over. Entertainment in my opinion should start after dinner ends and last until approximately 2330. CHECKING OUT: This was an issue for myself and my partner. Our flight wasn't to 2225 and we asked several times could we have our room for slightly longer, as opposed to checking out at 12.00 and to wait around for 6 hours. We were told on three occasions to come back so the receptionist staff could check, in which we were told that our room was not available for any longer. This isn't a problem for people who are flying early however on your last day you expect the hotel to be accommodating and understand that you may need to use the facilities and change before leaving to go home. The whole attitude of the receptionist staff (not all) but particularly the woman who appeared to be managing the reception was negative, unhelpful, defensive and just not overall accommodating or caring for that matter. We had to pay our tax for the hotel the day before we were leaving and we were told that this was due to several people leaving without paying. Its very difficult to check out and leave without your passports (which the reception hold) so this is a poor explanation. On top of this, the hotel staff told us to leave our luggage in the reception area and reassured us that they would be safe as there is cameras around that area. I have never went to a hotel whereby the hotel asks you to leave your luggage unattended too. We were told they would be safe, however for many periods of the day the reception is unattended and if the cameras prevented crime, then why did they have a locked safe behind their reception desk containing cash? Who responded the cameras work by the safe. There is always a room nearby in which the reception staff lock. After raising this, a helpful assistant told us that we could keep our luggage in a locked room. This should always be the provision for anyone in our circumstance. Before leaving the hotel, we had to resort to showering around the pool area (whereby people use for coming off the beach) which was quite embarrassing and had to get changed in the toilet. You would expect the hotel to have a provision of having at least one room, or even a small shower room specifically for people in our circumstance. OVERALL ATMOSPHERE: From a British and Irish perspective, coming to this hotel, it is largely European (likely German & Czech) focused. This is by no means a criticism but for people looking to come and laugh and have conversations, be prepared not too. The whole atmosphere is robotic, same routine and boring. The overall attitude by the reception team is not something I would ever expect when you work hard all year and pay the money you do. Obviously such concerns highlighted throughout come down to the management staff, so I do not blame the other staff who are just trying to do their job. In the hotel, the guests aren't pleasant, push past you, look miserable and maybe this is a cultural issue however people come on holidays for fun!! If you are reading this and your an older couple who are looking for a relaxing holiday in close proximity to the beach, along with good food, this is a perfect holiday but for younger couples or people with some sort of personality I recommend you to go to a hotel based in the Old Town or Falaraki as you will have a lovely holiday! Overall, myself and my partner will not be back to this hotel based on the points made throughout this review.


Innlegg av Marek S

Very nice hotel for a family vacation

Very nice hotel close to the beach. Great level of services provided by the stuff (Mrs. Angela, many thanks). Rooms are nice and cleaned every day. Very good food in the restaurant. We enjoyed the stay.


Innlegg av Teamtopley Harrogate, Storbritannia

Stunning Greek Holiday

We had a lovely last minute holiday at the Hotel Lutania beach as a family of four in the last week of August 2019. The location is stunning, quiet classic greek beach so hassle and lovely clear water. Team made the week, great advice from Vula on reception who was always happy to help and every request we made from the team was actioned. Have seen a lot of negatives reviews on this hotel which i do not understand seem more to be based on misplaced expectation. It's a very good four star hotel in Greece, The entertainment is not caesars palace, but I was not expecting it to be. the food is not the Seven Seas explorer cruise ship.. but again i was not expecting it to be. Great selection of food, lovely location with choice of comfy beach or poolside.


Innlegg av Stefan M

Good animation team

Nice hotel with beautiful seaside views. In the mornings you can watch sunrise. The food is tasty. Personel very friendly. Nice animation team. Friendly and good at all sports. They are Francesco and David. Each evening there are different shows (music, dancing and of course "greek night")