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9 av 10


Saltbøssene under frokosten virket dårlig, måtte prøve mange for å finne en som virket. Sjenerende med plagsom veps ved/rundt bordene uner frokost.

Bekreftet gjest: 2019-09-30

7 av 10

Ruben ,

Rommet Og basseng området
Dette er et 4 stjerneshotel og ikke et 5 stjernes hotel. Hadde vi vidt dette var 4 stjernes så hadde vi valgt et annet hotel

Bekreftet gjest: 2019-09-02

10 av 10


Størrelsen, avslappende atmosfære, lokasjonen (utenfor sentrum)
Innføre "voksen hotell" dvs. ikke for småbarns familier. (det va en bråkete familie der en dag, og mange med oss reagerte) Da vi var der, var det bare voksne par som satte pris på roen og freden som var der.

Bekreftet gjest: 2019-07-30

8 av 10

Kåre ,

Personellet som jobbet de .

Bekreftet gjest: 2019-07-22

9 av 10


Rengjøring, basseng håndklær, stort utvalg til frokost - med varmmat. Shuttlebus til Parga sentrum.
Tørkestativ på veranda. Bedre utstyr på kjøkkenet- ikke nok bestikk og manglet feks stekespade.

Bekreftet gjest: 2019-07-09

10 av 10


En fantastisk atmosfære på hele hotellet, med hyggelig betjening overalt. Flott spa på hotellet. Rent og ryddig.

Bekreftet gjest: 2019-07-01

10 av 10


Svært hyggelig personale som alltid var klare til å hjelpe til med hva det skulle være. Vi hadde en villa med privat svømmebasseng, helt fantastisk, både inne og ute.

Bekreftet gjest: 2019-07-01

9 av 10


Betjeningen i resepsjonen
Hyppigere hotellbusser til Parga

Bekreftet gjest: 2018-07-30

8 av 10


God velkomst og avreiseopplevelse. Hotellets håndklær på gode solsenger.
Service, «våkenhet» i restauranten, vi var 5 i følget og måtte nesten hver dag selv rigge bord til 5, da der kun var klare bord til 2-4 og ett med 6. Men ikke en «stor» sak dette.

Bekreftet gjest: 2018-07-30

10 av 10


Rent , Service ,utsikten :)
Det er 2 dusjer ved bassenget. dene ene er defeckt ( det var den i fjor også ) Den andre virker dårlig .

Bekreftet gjest: 2018-07-23

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  • 5/5 Rom
  • 5/5 Service
  • 4,5/5 Verdi
  • 4,5/5 Renslighet

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Innlegg av Eva R Steinkjer, Norge

Fin ferie i Parga.

Et meget bra hotell, Spa avdelingen var en ren nytelse. Høy service på alle nivå!!!!!


Innlegg av Christina D Nikosia, Kypros

A loooong way to go before it can be called a 4* boutique hotel - definitely NOT recommended

The good things: Great ambiance and well thought out decor. Great breakfast. Really nice view from the rooms. Location was OK but you do need a car to make the most of it; their complimentary shuttle service was thoughtful. Staff was warm and friendly and really tried its best albeit they lacked the knowledge and the training to serve high end tourists (or any other tourists:)). The bad things: I could go on for pages listing all the small and the not so small incidents which were most disappointing for a 4* star hotel and for the money we paid for our stay. But I’ll stick to the most striking one. During the week that we stayed none of our rooms (we occupied 2 Junior suites) had functional plumbing and we had very little (and at times none at all!) running water which was never warm enough (and at times completely cold!). Trying to have a basic shower was a daily NIGHTMARE. The excuses we were offered were at the very least pathetic and despite all the complaints and the promises made that the problem was being looked into, there was no improvement whatsoever. The two adorable yet clueless young receptionists I was left to struggle with, offered no comfort and I was astounded that no-one from management stepped in to either apologize or, as one would expect, do anything else to even remotely attempt to compensate for an utterly unacceptable situation. It was sheer mockery. And, by the way, setting the cutlery on the tables of the outdoor breakfast area at 11:00pm so that the same are used the next day is NOT acceptable - I watched the process every night from my veranda. And when you ask one of the two overworked waiters at the beginning of the “gourmet” dinner to specifically reserve for you a particular dessert from the menu, the appropriate reaction when later on you have to convey to the paying customer that no-one actually bothered to reserve any (much to the disappointment of our 3 children) is NOT to laugh indifferently and merely say (twice!) “oh, you should have asked me and not the other waiter, ha-ha”. As I said, the list of shortcomings is a long one… Overall the hotel completely failed to live up to basic expectations and as a result the experience was aggravating and definitely overpriced. Note to the Management: It’s such a pity because the hotel does have unrealized potential. Get your act together, hire more staff, train them better and when mishaps happen show your face, try to solve the problem and do not neglect to apologize in a respectful, meaningful as well as practical way. And really try to understand that guests opting to spend their precious annual vacations with you are NOT your money milking cows. If I’m ever in adorable Parga again I have already picked the hotel I’ll be staying in, cause I am definitely not returning to the Salvator.


Innlegg av Amir S Tel Aviv, Israel


Amazing experience for our family of 24 hard to please individuals... - everyone was happy!- The staff and management are attentive to every request and detail. Great breakfast, Spacious rooms with a breathtaking view + special shuttle service to the nearby beautiful Parga.


Innlegg av mikewalker002 London, Storbritannia

Good but running out of supplies

The hotel is highly appointed and not cheap. Since I have been here they have run out of Mythos, coffee capsules for the (admittedly unexpected) coffee machine in the room, teabags in the room and special milk in the breakfast room. These are first world problems but I would expect that a hotel of this class would be on top of these details. The design of the hotel means that if you in the middle of a thunderstorm (which we are), you cannot get back to your room without getting soaked. A stand full of umbrellas would be good. They changed the timetable of the minibus into town without notice, so we missed the bus. However, they did run us into town as a favour. The timetable in our room is still the old one. Staff very friendly and helpful. We are used to much worse than this but as we are isolated from our room by a storm I have the time to give my review. Oh I just remembered.....the music....continuous jazzy muzak. It plays all day and night. I long for something with a tune or rhythm. I wonder if they have a Sex Pistols cd. Enjoying ourselves here watching the storm pass overhead.


Innlegg av Hara K Thessaloniki, Hellas

1.000+1 ways to ruin a short vacation

Nice hardware (however badly maintained). Very noisy indeed (read preview customers reviews reviews for details). Poor service. Not a 4* hotel. Dishonest and unprofessional attitude. Poorly managed. We booked a junior suite through hotel’s website. On arrival we were given a room with broken a/c which was boiling hot. They promise to fix it. When we return to the hotel at 01:00am, a/c was still out of order. In the middle of the night we had to pack and move to a different (bigger and more expensive) suite. The next morning we were asked to move again to a smaller suite! Our short (2 nights) vacation was already ruined with all these transfers. We said “no thanks, we’re out of here”, checked out and booked in another hotel, which of course cost us a fortune, since it was super high season. The hotel only refunded us the second night. They claimed that they provided us their service for the one night! Oh, well... Breakfast buffet was excellent, however there were aggressive flies and wasps all over the dining area and we could not enjoy it. The only chance to enjoy a stay there is to book one of the two villas with private pool. They are uphill so you cannot hear the noise from the main road. Room service may save you from annoying wasps at the restaurant area. A nasty experience all together. Never again!