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8,7 / 10
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8 av 10

Halvard Andreas,

Beliggenheten ved havet og servicenivået
Lite variasjon i maten, så man ble matlei i løpet av uka. Ville foreslå at all inclusive gjalt flere restauranter, eller at de byttet tema dag for dag. Ble litt kjedelig da det ikke var noen form for un derholdning eller andre aktiviteter, bortesett fra bandet i beach baren. Dyre utflukterr, da det bare var basert på individuelle utflukter. Hadde vært bedre med bussutflukter, slik at man hadde flere muligheter til å få sett og opplevd Oman.

Bekreftet gjest: 2019-03-09

10 av 10

Hans Andreas,


Bekreftet gjest: 2019-02-23

9 av 10

Thor Egil,


Bekreftet gjest: 2018-12-15

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  • 4,5/5 Sted
  • 4,5/5 Sovekvalitet
  • 4,5/5 Rom
  • 4,5/5 Service
  • 4/5 Verdi
  • 4,5/5 Renslighet

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Innlegg av Rothschein

Lights in the room

When I needed to find something in my luggages in the night, there was no ceiling light or lamp in the room to give sufficient light and it was so quite incomfortable to do it. Protective netting in the door to the balcony didn´t run properly. It was very hard to move with it.


Innlegg av Boris L Bratislava, Slovakia

Second stay in Rotana

Friendly and helpful staff, always ready to answer our needs. Rather calm, entertainment was up to us - we have chosen this hotel specifically for relaxing atmosphere. Possibility to walk along the sea on the endless sandy beach. Spacious room, always kept clean. Is good to reserve sea view room (our preference). Our rooms had large terrace. Food very good for us - a lot of vegetable variations, well prepared meat. We would welcome more fishes and sea foods (except specialized dinner for extra money).


Innlegg av marekzieleniewski Wroclaw, Polen

Very good place, big and long beach, a lot of trees/palms, friendly staff

Very good place, big and long beach, a lot of trees/palms,good place to swim in ocean, you can rent a bike and make a trip, friendly staff, food for everyone, I will come back soon with my whole family


Innlegg av martinbW5314FE Kosice, Slovakia

Extraordinary service in Oman

I have already explained my feedback in previous page. I am a happy customer and I would love to come to the hotel next year again. I highly recommend to extra pay for Rotana Club. It is worth it because I cane compare with previous year.


Innlegg av Roam91623

Over Priced, Under Rated, 3 Star Masked As 5 Star - Avoid At All Costs!!

Everything was bad about this from the start. First, we read reviews that the hotel frequently overbooks and either changes room types on you at check-in or even in some cases, sends you to another hotel (at your expense!). With a strict cancellation policy, they win (taking your money) and prisoning you to their incompetence. I tried to cancel BEFORE my trip and they refused. Second, we arrived - guess what - our room was not available. After making us wait for an hour, they gave us a room which was not what we had requested. They told me multiple stories about why this is - lie, lie, lie. They lied about Expedia/Hotels.com sending the wrong room type, then that my booking was incorrect (which I showed them what I booked, and the confirmation, etc - which was exactly what I had booked, contrary to their BS). Then they made more excuses (lies) - Expedia did it, their system didn't update properly, they ran out of rooms, blah blah blah. After working in online travel for almost a decade, I knew exactly what they were doing. They were lying, which - for someone who is usually zen af - made me livid. Not only did they try and excuse their own incompetence, they're lying to me because they probably think I'm another tourist idiot who will believe them. Not only is that insulting, it's unprofessional. Third, it's badly managed with broken processes. Can't order drinks except for certain times, if you're not all inclusive you're pretty much treated like dirt or ignored, beach bar opens at 10am, so if you're thirsty for water - be prepared to walk. WiFi is so slow it's embarrassing, the list goes on. It's a 5 star, beautiful resort located on a stunning beach - with 3 star processes and 1 star management. We eventually got refunded for 3 nights out of 4 after staying there for one night, thanks to hotels.com - the resort did not want to refund us but hotels.com were nice to get it approved and we left. The most painful part of the experience was paying eye watering prices for their all you can eat buffet, which is fractionally better than a microwave meal. I stay in hotels 90-120 days a year, I work hard for my money and I know what good looks like. It really, really hurt to part with my money to pay for such a rip off. Some people may love this place, but if you have any taste, class or appreciate the value of where you spend your money - you will hate this place. Go spend a little more and star at the Anantara down the road, which is 12/10 - one of the best resorts I've ever been to (this isn't a sponsored review - that's the truth!).