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Bekreftet gjest: 2021-10-04

6 av 10

Vi manglet handsåpe på rommet og måtte spør flere ganger i resepsjonen før vi fikk det. Rommet hadde heller ikke hårføner som var utrolig rart.

Bekreftet gjest: 2021-09-27

8 av 10


Bekreftet gjest: 2021-08-16

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av marianC7553GF København, Danmark

Best sports restort I have been to!

Sivota Retreat is the perfect place to go if you both want to relax and exersice - well, let's face it, it's nicer to relax when you have been working out. ;-) Beautiful natural surroundings and very kind and welcomming staff. There are many great training classes with motivating instructors. I want to highlight the instructor Sokratis for his great knowledge about physiology science and great ability to teach complex exercises for different levels - he tought my boyfriend and I a lot. We are looking farward to comming back!


av JMzxzx

Great location and facilities

First time to this resort and whilst we were aware that Neilson had partnered with Apollo at times it felt that some of the fitness programmes were disjointed especially as they were on a separate board and not on the Neilson timetable. I also felt that one or two of the X Fitness classes at the Wod Box were a little bit extreme. I am not up to the level of handstands and arm lifts! There also didn't appear to be many yoga or pilates classes during the day. In addition there was a separate large fitness group who had brought their own instructors so they were running their own timetable so tended to take the larger fitness platform. This also meant that the noise level at meal times was a bit intense as well as queuing to get into the restaurant on occasions which made it feel like a canteen . Having said that it is in a great location and had the weather been more favourable we would have made more use of paddle boarding kayaking. The tennis and cycling offered were still up to standard. Would we come again ...yes as we know what to expect.


av 26snow London


Beautiful scenery set on top of a large hill! Prepare to use your legs!!! We were in one of the lower rooms near reception and still found the steps a strain at times. Great hotel staff. Rooms spotless, daily housekeeping great. Food in general was good although a few evenings there wasn't anything that took our fancy. Tonnes of salad and fresh fruit available daily during breakfast lunch and in the evening. Bar stocks a fantastic range of everything, average pricing and friendly staff. A great variety of classes provided by different instructors. Gym well equipped with everything you could possibly wish for. Unfortunately we experienced some awful weather during our stay therefore the sup and kayaking were limited to a tiny area within the bay. We felt Neilsons lack of communication especially in wet weather was below standard. The transfer information was lacking and unclear on arrival. Having said that during the evening's of awful weather they did provide some entertainment to help see the nights through. All in all I would definitely return however I feel that the Neilson part of this hotel is not up to usual standard & it needs to be made very clear when booking the divide in services between different companies.


av simbad68 Leeds

The Retreat still has it all but with a difference this time

We have been to the Retreat several times, and always enjoyed it, and this time was no different, we had a brilliant time, the location, activities, cycling, staff, food, local village are all fantastic, and it is great value for money. It is now run by Playitas, it is not run by Neilson, only the bikes and beach area (kayak & SUP) are run by Neilson, and Neilson are only allocated a % of the total rooms, the rest of the guests tend to be from Sweden, Norway, Denmark, everything else is operated and run by Playitas, and that has brought some changes from before. Personally i thought the new set up was excellent, but there is definitely a high focus on fitness, which may or may not put some people off trying something new for the week as the standard is suddenly very high. The social side in the evening is different to how it was before. eg a couple of the neilson staff were having a drink in the bar after they finished for the day to be told by playitas staff to either change their tops out of nielson branded gear or the beer would be removed from them, playitas staff by all accounts are banned from drinking on the premises completely. So for a lot of returning guests who have previously been with Neilson, and are expecting the same then you may be disappointed. I still thought it was great and would go back no problem at all. Big shout out to Victor, Chris, Josh the bike guides, all top guys.


av Excursion06157811754 York, Storbritannia

Better than before

Our 15th trip to this hotel and what can I say, it’s better than ever. The view is still stunning, the staff are still friendly and efficient, the food was better than 2019 when we last went, no kids clubs was a bonus for us (although I guess not for all), great exercise classes, great cycling, kayaks…… the list goes on. Well done Neilson and Playitas brilliant partnership.