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Bekreftet gjest: 2019-06-16

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  • 4,5/5 Rom
  • 4,5/5 Service
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av KjerstiM76

Supert sted - behagelig opphold

Ikaros innfridde våre forventninger og mere til. Store, delikate rom med stabil wifi og god Aircon. Hyggelig personale og god mat. Alltid ledige solsenger. Yoga, stretching, zumba og vanngym daglig - med superflinke og hyggelige animatører (instruktører). Anbefaler Ikaros !


av ninanordvik Oslo, Norge

Fantastisk sted med alle fasiliteter

Ikaros Beach Resort & spa er det komplette feriestedet når man vil slappe av i vakre omgivelser, spise godt og ha underholdnings- og treningsmuligheter. Vi tilbragte en uke på Ikaros med all inclusive-tilbud og var veldig fornøyd. Stort sett god plass ved bassenget og på stranden, god mat og hyggelig betjening. Det eneste vi hadde å utsette var at vi måtte betale for å få kaffe i buffeten etter lunsj og middag. Særlig positivt var mulighetene for trening og aktiviteter med den fantastiske og dyktige Michela, som motiverte oss både til vanngymnastikk, zumba og yoga. Vi kommer gjerne tilbake!


av Saxon R

Terrible price-quality ratio

I was at Ikaros Beach Luxury Resort for a one week all inclusive stay. I compare this hotel to other 5 star all inclusive hotels (I don't rate breakfast only stays here etc.). Like every hotel, it has advantages and disadvantages. Unfortunately, here the number of disadvantages definitely outweighs the advantages. The price of the one week stay in the all incl. option is not much lower than the stay at Lujo Bodrum or Regnum Carya and the standard obtained is definitely lower . Much lower than in Mitsis Hotels. Rooms very different, no standardization. A lot of rooms with a dramatic location and a view of the "uninteresting" places of the hotel. Opinions will be divided here, but when I buy a specific room, I want to get that, not information when checking in that "Your room is occupied and you will get a room of a higher standard." I like to walk a lot and I did not mind that I was given a room farthest from the beach. Very poor quality mattresses, diverging to the sides. A large bed, or in fact two small ones, pushed together with a gap constantly forming between the mattresses, into which you fall into the “abyss” at night. We sleep with my wife and baby in the middle , so it was a big problem for us. Cleaning: Very inaccurate. The problem is not only with cleaning the rooms but also the hotel surroundings. I did the test: I left the glass in a visible place on the fire extinguisher box and nobody took it for 5 days. Cleaning staff in the main building and ladies from the Kids Club are sick. A persistent, dry cough for several days in a row. We avoided places where sick employees were most often found. They work all the time in contact with guests despite the disease symptoms. Which is very worrying in view of the recent cases of Covid among hotel staff. Management should be very sensitive to such things. Poor menu in bars for all inclusive. Despite the presence on the menu, many items are missing. Alcohol is rationed. Not to clients directly, but indirectly, ie According to bartenders, they receive one bottle of specific alcohol a day. Drama. Another drama is the opening hours of the lobby bar, which opens at …… .. 5:00 PM. I was also met with rude attention from the staff to other hotel guests. What, even in the case of their actual fault or failure to comply with the prevailing rules, should not take place in a LUXURY hotel. The neighborhood of the hotel was very neglected. Greece is a bit like Egypt in the EU. I will not write about minor flaws and there were a lot of them. And the Pros: Very good food in the main restaurant and a la carte restaurants, which are the strongest point of the hotel. The vast majority of the staff are very nice and helpful. They create a very good atmosphere. Therefore, my opinions are impersonal because I do not want to harm anyone. Beautiful beach and the hotel itself. Guests calm- mostly pensioners from Germany. It is a very quiet hotel, which may be an advantage for some and a disadvantage for others.


av tinlek


We were highly disappointed by this hotel. As already stated in numerous reviews here, we were also put in a dark and unfriendly room that seemed way below what was booked and advertised. Additionally part of their staff in the restaurants and at the reception is unfriendly to an extent that it is almost rude. The food is below average, both in the main restaurant and in the a la carte restaurants. To us, this supposedly "5 star luxury resort" was not even on a 4 star hotel level. We would never book this "resort" again. ROOMS We booked a Deluxe Bungalow to treat ourselves and spend some serious extra money on this, expecting to get one of the bright and friendly rooms advertised on their website. To our huge disappointment, we were put in a dark and unfriendly room outside the hotels main area (behind the reception building) and right next to the entrance road. The room was big, but the "living room area" of the room was separated from the bedroom by two walls and had no windows, TV or even a table next to the (dirty!) sofa. It was also right next to the open bathroom. The walls were bare, no pictures and no sufficient lighting, I have never seen such a loveless, unfriendly room. I have added numerous pictures so you can see for yourself what they sell their guests as "Deluxe". We raised this with the reception and their reservation manager, which were both not understanding and claimed that this was already one of the nice rooms. They showed us an alternative, which was even worse as it looked significantly smaller and had the window right to the road, so everyone could look inside and you had to keep the drapes shut at all times. RESTAURANTS While they advertise on their website and Instagram with nicely situated restaurants, please note that these restaurants are all a la carte, meaning that you have to pay extra even when you have booked All Inclusive or Half board. You can reserve them beforehand through a PC and often they are already fully booked for the next couple days so you have to eat at the main restaurant, which is not as nicely situated and had a limited outdoor capacity. The food in all restaurants we have tried is below what we would expect from a 5 star resort. In the main restaurant, if you go to the buffet at 8 pm or later, some of the trays are already empty. This happened many times so it looks like they don't restock fast enough. The staff is completely overwhelmed, many times we waited for 20 minutes or longer until someone came to take our drink order - often only after we had actively asked them to do so. The same in the a la carte restaurants, for lunch we often waited almost half an hour after we had finished our food to get any kind of attention from the staff (like removing the dirty dishes or bringing the bill), even though only 5 other tables were occupied and there were 4 waiters in the restaurant. STAFF / TREATMENT Overall part of the staff often seemed annoyed and unfriendly, we did not feel welcome at all. We ate lunch at the restaurant right next to the beach for a week and the waiter still did not recognize us. We don't expect special treatment, but that just felt weird after a while. Same with the reception, we talked to the same receptionist on Thursday and Friday about the check out and whether we could stay longer in our room and when we then checked out an hour after our last conversation she said "welcome to the ikaros", obviously thinking we had just arrived. Also it was my birthday during our stay, which was not really noted by the hotel, no card, no little gesture like a small flower in the room or some fruit. While one can of course not expect that, it is a super small but effective way to make a guest feel valued, especially as a supposed 5 star luxury resort. My boyfriend actively asked them to bring a small cake at dinner, which they did. I don't know if they would have done it if he had not asked, but I was happy about it nevertheless. The day beforehand, my boyfriend also booked a massage for my birthday and talked to the guest relations manager to ask if they had some kind of nice card for the massage that he could give me as a present. Therefore, the guest relations manager knew about my birthday. He also promised to give my boyfriend a card but never did. When we saw him later he also seemed to not remember my boyfriend. The only staff that I have to really applaud is the cleaning staff, they were always kind and extremely thorough. OVERALL This is a long review but I really wanted to give an honest opinion of what we experienced. I would not recommend to book this hotel, if you hope to get a 5 star luxury resort, because from what we experienced, that is not really what they offer. I have also added a picture of the beach towels that the guests can pick up by themselves at the pool - they are just thrown there in plastic bags that you have to open yourself. Also there was trash next to our rooms entrance everyday for at least half of the day - as I said, did not seem like 5 stars at all.


av Patricia M

Best service and beach area in Melia

The resort is amazing! The villas are quite well located and in very good conditions. The spa is an absolute advantage and the service is very kind from everyone :) I was thankful that the personnel spoke different languages (french, english and german) and that they were always eager to help you, at all times. Special thanks to Maria, from Aegeos Spa who made us feel like kings <3