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  • 4/5 Sted
  • 4/5 Sovekvalitet
  • 4/5 Rom
  • 4/5 Service
  • 4/5 Verdi
  • 4/5 Renslighet

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av kristinank76 Vestby, Norge

Familieferie sommer 2017

Et stort og trivelig hotell, hyggelig personell, god og variert mat og god service. Godt renhold både ute og inne. Kan høre litt støy fra discotek/ underholdning som kan forstyrre. Var litt overrasket over at et Blue star hotell har discotek til kl 02 på natten.


av axept Oslo, Norge


Hei. Har snart vart her i 10 dager. Flott personale gode aktiviteter . Men stedet ligget litt utenfor en by kan tilføre . Ikke ta hotell nr 1659. Ligger helt utenfor og lang til alt innom området . Visse dager er de en ille lukt på badet/toaletten. Kommer vi tilbake . Nei det var litt før mye negativt om stedet/og rommet at vi ikke kommer tilbake . Men takk før al personale dere er så gode og renholdet er best tilsamen med alle fritidsaktiviter đź‘Ť


av KieranIsKingg

Awful family holiday

Definitely not 5 star, 2-3 at the most. We booked for 10 days for the 7 of us for 4 rooms for £8,000… We were put in all different sized rooms, some would be very small and one room had a kettle. The sheets had holes in and mould going up the walls and curtains so bad. The floors were so filthy I would suggest not wearing white socks, because they don’t clean the floor they just use a broom. So I stopped wearing socks. The reception were rude and wouldn’t sort anything for us, the TUI rep was lovely and she moved my parents to a similar room to us, but the room was no better in quality, it was filthy, like the other rooms. There were many times I had to get toilet roll from the reception as the cleaners wouldn’t. Glass panels weren’t cleaned, even after asking them loads. The bar staff were so rude to us telling us to hurry up when ordering because people are waiting. Or they would make comments when collecting bottles. Behind the bar they would watch YouTube and ignore customers, even have a smoke in front of customers while ignoring them. We found a dead kitten outside the hotel so we went to reception and let them know and they did nothing, the next morning it was still there dead by the entrance of the hotel. Children walked past all day, it’s awful. There’s tiles coming off the swimming pool, which is a safety hazard, so all day we were picking up tiles with our feet. The toilets leaked sewage so it would stink the room out. The key cards wouldn’t open the green doors so other guests would close the doors and you couldn’t get in. Overall we got money off the holiday but it works out to be £142 each which just isn’t enough for the awful stay. Really disappointing as we saved up all year for this family holiday with my fathers heart problems and it has left my parents upset.


av Escape28492966805 Roma, Italia

Don’t go here

Don’t do it find another place. Terrible service probably due to minimal staff / cost cutting every where you look also no baggage service so train yourself to carry the suitcases up and down the stairs. Very small rooms, cannot easily walk by Bed. All in all just not worth it at this hotel, I am sure there are better ones in the area. I have no idea where all the positive posts come from (maybe India) but it not matching to what’s posted online.


av 625jadeb London, Storbritannia

Beautiful hotel

A really lovely hotel but we didn’t get off to a great start, as they had overbooked so asked us if we would stay in an apartment just next to the hotel for one night, in exchange of being upgraded to all inclusive. We accepted this offer as they admitted it was their mistake and they rectified it, the apartment was still clean and was fine for one night, and we couldn’t complain about being upgraded to all inclusive for the week! Our actual hotel room was lovely, it was clean and modern, it had a lovely terrace, a fridge in the room and a TV, as well as a modern bathroom which was nice, as all of the hotels we have stayed in in Greece have been extremely out dated! The room was so quiet, we did get woken up most mornings before 5am though by either guests or staff. The cleaners did a great job, every day we went back to our room which had been cleaned and the bed had been made. There are 3 pools, an entertainment pool which is good if you want to get involved in pool games etc, a main pool which was more for children, and the adults only pool which is where we spent the week. The adults only pool is lovely, however the music really needs to be looked into, the majority of the people round the pool did not want to listen to Ibiza house music on full blast for 6 hours daily, it was far far far too loud and completely the wrong style of music for that type of pool. I imagined the adults only pool to be chilled out and relaxing, not music which belongs in a club in Ibiza, we saw other guests also talking about the music. The food was really nice, and a good variety for breakfast lunch and dinner, however being vegetarian it would have been helpful to have signs of what food was what, as a few times we ate food assuming it was vegetarian and it wasn’t, however this was a simple thing like a stuffed aubergine, you would assume this was veggie, however it was not. Also I had to ask the staff walking round the buffet what some of the things were and they didn’t seem to know either…some signs next to the food would be helpful, and to state whether it is vegetarian or not. Other than this the options were good for vegetarians but could have been better. Not a large amount of choices for dinner, however breakfast and lunch were spot on. The salads and breads were delicious. The staff were really friendly, always smiling and welcoming. The bar staff - 80% of them did not want to be there, or if they did they didn’t show it. We found them quite rude and cold, majority of the time we would be very polite and say please and thank you, and they wouldn’t say a single word, just put the drink on the side and walk off. I don’t expect a full blown conversation but a smile would have been nice..this was for a majority of them, mainly at the adults only pool. Smoking - we couldn’t believe the amount of cigarette smoke we inhaled during the week we stayed from other people, there really needs to be a no smoking rule by the pool, as it was getting a bit silly towards the end of the week when it was every second of the day having smoke blown in our faces. This isn’t the hotels fault but I do think some no smoking rules should be in place by the pools during the day. The bins in the toilets by the adults only pool are broken, so the only way to put the tissue in them was to open them by hand, and nobody wants to do that…so a lot of tissue was going down the toilet by the guests, as understandably nobody wanted to touch the bins… Plastic cups - we couldn’t believe the amount of plastic cups being used and thrown away, hundreds and hundreds of cups a day we just being thrown away, surely there’s a more sustainable way of supplying drinks? The hotel itself is in a great location and has its’s own part of the beach, but be careful as there’s lots of jellyfish! Only a five minute walk to the beach, where there’s some bars and restaurants, and a lovely sunset. The hotel is huge, but is so well looked after, we loved the flowers everywhere, it really looks so pretty! Overall we had a great stay, there’s just a few tweaks that need to be done like the labels in the restaurant, the music, the plastic cups, the bar staff, the smoking and the bins, but these are things that can easily be sorted to make the stay absolutely perfect! But we had a great week here, beautiful hotel.