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  • 3,5/5 Sted
  • 3,5/5 Sovekvalitet
  • 3,5/5 Rom
  • 4,5/5 Service
  • 4/5 Verdi
  • 4/5 Renslighet

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av Alan H Heckmondwike, Storbritannia

The worst all inclusive ever !

Here at the moment and can honestly say this is the worst all inclusive ever. The drinks are of the lowest quality with cheap local spirits that you cannot recognise for taste.No whiskey,unless you pay and even a coffee costs 2 euro 50 unless you have weak cheap machine coffee that is unreconisable for taste.The beer is like cold water with no alcohol content. The food is mediocre, repetative usually consists of previous meals made into the next mealtime dish and the food is continually cold except for the salad. We are eating out as this is the only way you can get decent hot food. This is an adult only hotel and you are treat like children We asked for an ice cream and was told we have to wait untill 16.00hrs ,what,! The swimming pool area smells of sewage from the septic tanks. Ants are crawling all around the pool terrace How previous reviews stated the food was ok makes me wonder what they were used to. Would I reccomend this hotel 'Never' The staff can be abrupt when challenged.


av bytestore St. Petersburg, Russland

Very nice hotel

Due to the weather the pool was a little cool but almost all the visitors were swimming. The food at the hotel was excellent, dinner and lunch were never the same during the week. Very nice staff, the girl behind the bar taught us a minimal set of Greek phrases. Good rooms, comfortable huge beds. Easy bus ride from the hotel to town and other beaches. I would have liked the reception to sell wine round the clock for convenience and also near the pool lacks a changing room, but it's easy to implement. I think the hotel should be given more stars.


av mandypS3205FZ Chester, Storbritannia


We stayed in this hotel in September 2021 omg it was the worst holiday of my life the smell of it was terrible the beds wer dirty food was đŸ€ąđŸ€ą the bed room was full of damp they had people coming in on the Sunday and they didn't know they had to move out on the Friday because the hotel was closing people stay away 😑


av Michaela C

Great accept one thing

So, I don’t usually write reviews but I need for this time, because there is something on my chest that can’t be unsaid. Hotel Amalia is wonderful place to have a relaxing holiday. Food is very good and there is lot of from what to pick. Pool area is clean, every morning hotel staff take care to clean it. Personal is very polite, helpful, smiley from receptionists, waitresses to cleaning ladies and also very nice bartender (Agelikki). Accept bartender men. I can’t even say how mad me and my boyfriend are. I worked as entertainer in Mallorca and Canary Islands in Spain and I never seen such an arrogant behaviour. And also I know that there is line what is fun and what is just narcissistic behaviour. Not even that he was lying to us (like he built the bar two years ago, even when he was working there for couple days) but he made big deal to make us special drink and then we found out that he can make only one and he serves that everyone. It took so long to make one “special” drink to us.. but what was the most intriguing that my boyfriend wanted drink he said to him ‘Come in 5 minutes’ because he wanted serve other guests. He came in 5 minutes it was 23:03 and he said to him that he needs to pay now. So, at first we didn’t care, but then it started to bother us. After nice day in Corfu at the beach, after good dinner we just wanted to relax with drinks in our hands. But there was bad vibes coming from the bar and it really destroyed our mood. There are personal and fragile topics that cannot be disgusted with guests. As badmouthing about your colleges (which they were very nice and hardworking) and homophobic questions are no gone zone for us. So I am very disappointed in this area. Amalia Hotel should reanalysed bar personal. You cannot say to guests that you are boss here what he literally was saying.. it just so wrong in every direction. Actually guests liked him, they were laughing at his jokes as we were at first but there were red flags from beginning. Cross line was when he started to offend me and make fun of me because I’m woman. That’s all. Have a nice day.


av JohnM9732 Birmingham, Storbritannia

Never Again, septic Tanks( See photos !!) Don't ignore bad reviews

I'll make this as straightforward as I can , the whole area of Dassia is tired and run down and a shame to see all ruined by all inclusive hotels .(Hypercritical I know) RECEPTION STAFF-- miserable, unhelpful and had a "I don't want to be here attitude) especially the blonde haired girl ! ROOM 305 , the most basic run down and noisy room we've ever stayed in no shower screen/curtain so the bathroom just flooded and when offered an alternative it was worse! so had no choice but to stay put even though the hotel was nearly empty (I must be honest and say it was kept extremely clean during our stay though). FOOD -- varied and always found something to eat but as others have said COLD , Katerina is an asset to this place who always had a smile ,was extremely courteous and helpful unlike Andreas who just stood with his hands on his hips as if he was auditioning for the king and I . POOL AREA , disgusting and never cleaned once whilst we were there, scum all round the top of the pool and the pool and had that many insects in it ,to take a swim was like doing a bush tucker trial .The pool toilet urinal was missing with just a bucket by the out pipe .One day it poured down with rain and the staff just watched as we got all got the sunbed cushions inside otherwise they would have been unusable the next day. FINALLY THE SMELL -- I've seen a few reviews about the awful smell around the place , the pool area has a wall at the bottom and behind the wall are 2 massive septic tanks with the lids off and the stench was horrendous, I heard one guy ask if anything could be about this only to be told we were lucky as the smell worsened in the summer . SUMMARY--This place needs a full refurb , a clear out of nearly all the staff and possibly a change of management if they think all that is going on is acceptable!